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Curriculum For Sale, College

Most homeschoolers are honest, but your comfort with the seller should be proportional to the payment you are sending. Study their reputation and length of registration (on their page), then communicate as needed. Check for common scams and banned users before sending money or merchandise. Click the membername in the listing to see the person's complete list of sale and wanted items and their contact information. Postage is additional, unless price is followed by "ppd" (postage paid to US). Register here in less than 30 seconds to list "Wanted" and "For sale" items for free. Condition descriptions are New, Nice, Good, Fair, and Worn (narrowly defined here, with some listing abbreviations). If condition is critical, confirm it before purchase. If an ISBN number is shown, click on it to see an item image, description, and user reviews.

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American Govt & Politics Abigail Press, College -- $30 ppd. New. American Government & Politics in the New Millenium 9e College.   ISBN 1890919047   veerose  06/20
American Intellectual Tradition Vol. I, College -- $20 ppd. Good. Edited by David A. Hollinger & Charles Capper, e7, 2016.   blessings52  06/20
American Intellectual Tradition Vol.II, College -- $20 ppd. Good. Edited by David A. Hollinger & Charles Capper, e7, 2016.   blessings52  06/20
Anthony's Txt of Anatomy & Physiology, College -- $15 ppd. Nice. 14th ed. Thorough; clean, tight, school stamp, names. 968 pgs. .   ISBN 0801676711   susie_r  06/06
Apologia Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Teens, College -- $10 ppd. Good. Excellent resource, successful transition to college & adult.   veerose  06/20
Calculus Early Transcendental Function, College -- $50 ppd. Like new. By Ron Larson, Bruce Edwards. 6th edition.   paloloshopper  06/11
Christian Book Lot , College -- $20 ppd. Nice. Love & Respect, Eggerichs (c2004, nice - slightly marked); .   [more] colonycounter  06/23
CLEP American Government , College -- $13 ppd. Good. paperback with CD included, 2 full length practice exams includ.   ISBN 9780738603063   dbw70769  06/22
CLEP College Algebra , College -- $15 ppd. New. Paperback, 7th edition, with 2 full exams, code never used.   ISBN 9780738610160   dbw70769  06/22
CLEP History of US 2 , College -- $15 ppd. New. paperback with CD included, never used, 2 practice exams includ.   ISBN 9780878912735   dbw70769  05/28
CLEP Introductory Sociology , College -- $15 ppd. New. paperback with CD included, never used, 3 practice exams includ.   ISBN 9780878912766   dbw70769  05/28
CLEP REA Humanities , College -- $12 ppd. Nice. c2006, CD looks new but did not use.   ISBN 0738601721   amyinthegarden  06/13
CLEP rea US history I & II flashcards, College -- $11 ppd. Nice. c2010, new CD that we didn't use.   ISBN 9780738606606   amyinthegarden  06/13
CLEP REA Western Civ. I , College -- $8 ppd. Good. Lots of highlighting but no writing. Good condition. e2.   ISBN 0738610488   amyinthegarden  06/13
College Algebra Graphs and Models 3rd, College -- $19 ppd. Nice. used, pages clean, binding good, slight corner wear to covers. .   ISBN 9780077221287   susie_r  06/06
College Physics: A Strategic Approach, College -- $25. Nice. e2, c2010, Pearson.   ISBN 9780321815408   chelseaw13  05/21
College Writing Skills by John Langan, College -- $3. Nice. 416 p vintage 1984 pb. No writing.   ISBN 0070362866   luke15:10  07/06
Colonial Latin America by Burkholder, College -- $4. Good. 4th ed. like new except for a few underlines. .   ISBN 0195137027   luke15:10  07/06
Elements of Biological Science set of2, College -- $26 ppd. Good. W. W. Norton & Co. Elements of Biological Science, by William T. .   ISBN 039395255X   [more] bookbliss  07/01
Essentials of Oceanogrphy , College -- $30 ppd. Nice. By Garrison, 6th ed. c2002. Used at the college level.   ISBN 9780840061553   jerinegg  06/28
For Hearing People Only, Vol. 1&2, College -- $70 ppd. Nice. 4th Edition, used in college sign language course.   ISBN 0970587600   slumsdaine  07/01
General & Organic Chemistry , College -- $40. Nice. e6 v1, c2011.   ISBN 9781118142059   chelseaw13  05/21
Great Courses: Understanding Calculus, College -- $30 ppd. Nice. Set includes 6 CDs and course workbook, 36 lessons/30min each.   ISBN 1598036335   dbw70769  06/23
Handbook of Literary Terms 2 ed, College -- $5 ppd. Nice. subtitle: Literature, Language, Theory. Cover wear, pages great.   ISBN 9780205603565   susie_r  06/06
Head First HTML and CSS , College -- $18 ppd. New. 2nd Edition Updated for HTMLS 2012.   ISBN 9780596159900   jill6dairy  06/18
Henle Latin Loyola Press 2nd Year, College -- $15 ppd. New. textbook and answer key; pics upon request.   ISBN 9780829410273   ritatuten  07/07
Heritage of World - Western Emphasis, College -- $15 ppd. Good. Pearson Learning Solutions 6th Edition - Hard Cover - 887 Pages.   ISBN 0558759807   hamersky  06/04
Hewitt Conceptual Physical Science (no CD), College -- $12 ppd. Nice. Explorations text; ed1, 2002; by P. Hewitt, J. Suchocki, L. Hewitt.   ISBN 0321106636   bookbliss  07/01
Hole's essential of Human Anat & Phys, College -- $15 ppd. Good.   ISBN 9780072965636   [more] kleefam5  06/21
Human Anatomy , College -- $32. New. e7, Benjamin Cummings, one signature on first page.   ISBN 9780321688156   chelseaw13  05/21
Human Anatomy and Physiology set of 2, College -- $53 ppd. Good. (The Benjamin/Cummings series in the life sciences), by Elaine.   ISBN 0805301119   [more] bookbliss  07/01
Just Around the Corner: Communication, College -- $5 ppd. Good. Encouragement & Challenge for homeschooling parents.   ISBN 0966910729   veerose  06/20
Lies My Teacher Told Me , College -- $10 ppd. Nice.   bridget777  06/04
Life in the American Past American Her, College -- $7 ppd. New. Readings and documents in American History vol II.   ISBN 0828111405   veerose  06/20
Lifelong Wellness , College -- $12. Good. c2013, some writing in text, activity pages blank.   ISBN 9780738052168   chelseaw13  05/21
Little Seagull Handbook,Norton Reader, College -- $40 ppd. New. Seagull-still shrink wrapped, Reader 14th ed, used no writing.   ISBN 9780393602647   jamieshack  06/01
Max Lucado Fearless , College -- $12 ppd. New. Fearless DVD based bible study, DVDs sm Group & leader Guide.   ISBN 9781418541828   jenryan  05/19
McGraw Hill: Living with Art 10th ed, College -- $13 ppd. Nice. Comprehensive college text about classical and modern art. .   veerose  06/20
Mother's Companion Set of 4 Bks, College -- $25 ppd. New. Encouraging Christian Women in the Art of Mothering, Super Nice.   abbyboe  06/28
Norton Introduction to Literature, College -- $15 ppd. Good. hardback 11th edition, c2013.   ISBN 9780393913385   slumsdaine  05/19
Oswald Chambers Abandoned to God CD, College -- $8 ppd. New. Oswald Chamber Abandoned to God Audio Book on CD, unopened.   ISBN 9781596445017   jenryan  05/19
Philosophy-Power of Ideas McGrawHill, College -- $6 ppd. Fair. e7, Cover/edges w/wear, no markings, tight spine #9780073535722.   blessed2bamom  07/03
Physiology of the Human Body , College -- $55. Good. 520 p hb textbook. PreNursing/PreMedical college text 5th ed/79.   ISBN 0721643787   [more] luke15:10  07/06
Precalculus, 4th edtion , College -- $15 ppd. Good. Prentice Hall.   ISBN 0132285940   slumsdaine  05/19
Preparing Your Teens for College, College -- $7 ppd. New. By Alex Chediak.   ISBN 9781414397900   sheep  06/28
Quick Study Guides-College Algebra, College -- $5 ppd. Nice. New. Plastic tri-fold guide; great for easy access learning.   jdine  06/30
REA CLEP Intro Sociology , College -- $15. Nice. No writing; test code used--can be purchased for $10; New $35.   ISBN 9780738610917   recyclingmom  05/15
Regener: 30 ways in 30 days to save yo, College -- $10 ppd. Good. Practical ways to save your family from the ''cultural norm''.   veerose  06/20
Regnery Pub: The Silencing-How the Lef, College -- $10 ppd. Nice. How the Left is Killing Free Speech. K. Powers.   veerose  06/20
Taking Time Off Random House , College -- $6 ppd. Nice. Inspiring stories of students successful breaks from college.   ISBN 0375763031   veerose  06/20
Texas Govt & Politics: Abigail Press, College -- $57 ppd. Good. 2e, Texas Government & Politics in the New Millennium. College.   ISBN 1890919888   veerose  06/20
The Farming of Bones , College -- $10 ppd. Nice. Paperback in very good condition; used in BC Poetry classes.   ISBN 0965064786   susie_r  06/06
The Modern Middle East A History, College -- $10 ppd. Nice.   ISBN 0195167899   joycorner  05/23
The Mother's Companion Set of 4 Bks, College -- $25 ppd. New. Encouraging Christian Women in the Art of Mothering, Super Nice.   abbyboe  06/28
Thriving at College , College -- $7 ppd. New. By Alex Chediak.   ISBN 9781414339634   sheep  06/28
Twentieth-Century America , College -- $20 ppd. Good. A Brief History by Reeves c2000.   ISBN 9780195044843   jerinegg  06/22
Vector Calc. Study Gde w/Solutions 5ed, College -- $15 ppd. Nice. Freeman paperback by K. Pao and F. Soon; no writing, good cond. .   ISBN 0716705281   susie_r  06/06

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