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Promote Your Business

Registered members can post up to seven curriculum listings at no cost. Additional credits can be purchased as needed -- we have a number of advertisers with many hundreds of curriculum listings.

But, what if your business isn't selling lots of different curriculum items? You need a different solution -- because your listings will be competing with the tens of thousands that everyone else has posted.

Consider an advertising campaign using our business listings (samples below). Options include text on a bright background, text plus an image, or a graphic banner (static or animated). Any of these can be shown either in the curriculum lists (where they visually stand out), or at the top of a designated category page (where they are immediately seen by visitors). You can target by state, city, zip code, curriculum category, search term, or grade level.


Why list with us? We are (arguably) the most visited homeschool site on the web for used and new curriculum, groups, and activities. This is based on monthly averages of about (2018) 500,000 pageviews, 45,000 visits, 25,000 unique visitors, 3,500 group/activity listings, and 25,000 For sale and Wanted listings. Note that site traffic fluctuates substantially, with curriculum-related usage highest around the start of the school year, and activity-related usage highest during the school year.


We post a limited number of paid listings for products and services that must be useful to our audience. We are quite selective in accepting listings. Please see our conditions of use.

Choose a Format

Animated Banner

Up to 500W x 60H pixels. Your banner, 100KB or less, gif format, links to your website.

Static Banner

Up to 500W x 60H pixels. Your banner, 40KB or less, jpg/gif format, links to your website.

Text with Graphic

A graphic in jpg/gif format (up to 10KB, up to 75 pixels high), plus up to 30 visible words in whatever format you prefer -- your business name, description, address, one or more e-mail or site links, etc. Up to 50% of the words can be in a bold font. Background is white, or a contrasting yellow that stands out from curriculum listings.

Darswinkle's Delights (Smyrna/Murfreesboro) -- Learn to ride by taking riding lessons or attend our summer horse camps for a more intensive study. Ages six and up. We teach standard safety around horses both on and off the horse.
The North Carolina Association for Scholastic Activities is a brand new academic competition association. We will offer three competitions and present the NCASA Scholastic Cup. We have a division for small schools / home school groups. Visit for more information.


Up to 50 visible words in whatever format you prefer -- your business name, description, address, one or more e-mail or site links, etc. Up to 50% of the words can be in a bold font. Background is white, or a contrasting yellow that stands out from curriculum listings.

Homeschool Microscopes - Bring science TO LIFE with a microscope!  Visit GreatScopes for superb equipment, experiments, activities, an informative buyer's guide, prepared slides, and more.  ALL homeschoolers qualify for great homeschooler discounts.
Learn Biblical Greek. Prepare your junior-senior high student for "handling accurately the Word of truth." Curriculum includes comprehensive lesson plans, crossword puzzles, practice sheets, and other learning helps. Visit

Choose the Placement and Page(s)

-- These are for a full year; for a two year term multiply the price by 1.5.
-- The sugested audience (local or national) is shown in parenthesis.
-- Year-long listings can be changed to reflect current events. There is a $10 per listing charge each time content is swapped.

Top-of-Page Listings
These listings appear beneath the navigation bar, but above all other content,
so they are likely the first item(s) seen by the member on the page.

Page/section(s) Annual price Approx. annual
page views
Search (National audience)
All search results $700 679K
Single phrase search ("Saxon" or "Phonics") $40 varies
Recent listings (National audience)
"Today" or "Yesterday" $90 varies
"3-4 days" or "5-8 days" $40 varies
All recent listings $200 71K
Subject/Category (National audience -- Math, art, science, etc.)
All category sections $1140 478K
Five category sections $175 ~63K
One category section $40 varies
Grade Level (National audience -- Pre-K, K-6, 5th grade, High school, etc.)
All grade level sections $550 106K
Five grade level sections $150 ~24K
One grade level section $40 varies
Publisher/Title (National audience -- A Beka, Math-U-See, Saxon, etc.)
All publisher/title sections $1170 496K
Five publisher/title sections $175 ~61K
One publisher/title section $40 varies
State or City (Local audience -- Florida, California, Atlanta, Boston, etc. State listings are also show when a member logs-in from that state.)
All state pages $750 77K
Five state (or city) pages $125 ~8K
One state (or city) page $40 varies

In-Line Listings
These listings appear in-line (in the page text) with our member-submitted curriculum listings.

Page(s) Annual price Approx. annual
page views
Subject/Category (National audience -- i.e., Math, art, science, etc.)
Per category $40 varies
Zip Code (Local audience). As an example, a listing for 37919 appears on the Tennessee page, on nearby city pages, and on member pages within a given radius (the member-entered default is 80 miles). The way our system is set up, to avoid showing the same listing multiple times on the same state/city/member page, we only allow the purchase of one zip code per state, unless your listings are clearly visually distinct for each zip.
Five zip codes $120 ~13K
Two zip codes $60 ~5K
One zip code $40 varies

Submit Your Listing

1. Send us an email, with:
  • Your name and address.
  • The format you want.
  • The necessary text, image, and/or graphics for that format.
  • The placement and page(s), such as:
    -- Top-of-Page, All categories, or
    -- Top-of-Page, Search results ("Saxon" and "advanced algebra"), or
    -- In-Line, One category (Math: Fundamentals), or
    -- In-Line, Five zip codes (37919, 37918, 37917, 37916, 37921).
  • The URL of your webpage where you would like the visitor to be directed.
2. We'll take a look, O.K. your listing, and notify you.

3. After approval, pay through PayPal , or by check or money order to:
Homeschool Classifieds, 516 Nobscot Road, Knoxville, TN 37919.

4. We will post your listing and notify you by email.

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