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Curriculum for Sale, Marriage and parenting

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30 Days to a Smart Family - Paul Lewis -- $4. New. 156 p hb. New. Fresh approach for family building, goals & chg.   ISBN 0310215854   luke15:10  05/23
A Parents Guide to Autism -- $10 ppd. Nice. A Parents Guide to High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder.   ISBN 9781462517473   bmorin  04/27
Adopt Internationally, How to: A Guide -- $6. Good. for Agency-Directed & Independent Adoptions-288 p pb sl writing.   ISBN 094035215X   luke15:10  05/23
Adoption Handbook, The International -- $3. Good. How to Make Foreign Adoption Work for You-185 p pb min. writing.   ISBN 0805045791   luke15:10  05/23
Beautiful Girlhood, Gospel Publishers, Grs. 6-12 -- $10 ppd. Nice. This is the older version, by Mabel Hale NOT Karen Andreola.   [more] danag  04/14
Before I Was Born -- $5. New. God's design for sex, Book 2.   ISBN 9781600060144   home4learning  05/11
Boss of the Table Manners (humorous!) -- $3. Tiny Triumphs series, teaches basic manners 22 p pb. No writing.   ISBN 0687071194   luke15:10  05/23
Boundaries by H. Cloud and J. Townsend -- $15 ppd. Nice. Zondervan, 1992.   ISBN 9780310247456   debbieslavik  04/27
Boundaries with Kids Workbook -- $4. Nice. With wisdom and empathy, they take you through the ins & outs.   [more] barbara_in_nh  05/17
Bringing Up Boys -- $8. New. Book by Dr. James Dobson.   ISBN 9780842352666   home4learning  05/11
Bringing Up Boys by Dr James Dobson -- $5. Nice. Like new hb w dj. No writing, a few bent page corners.   luke15:10  05/23
Bringing up Boys by James Dobson -- $8 ppd. Nice. hardcover w/jacket; Focus on the Family host advises parents. .   ISBN 9780842352666   susie_r  04/11
Bringing up Boys by James Dobson -- $20 ppd. Good. Tyndale House Publishers, 2001.   ISBN 9780842352666   debbieslavik  04/27
Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery a W -- $15 ppd. Nice. Thomas Nelson, 2005, 2010.   ISBN 9781400200382   debbieslavik  04/27
Children with Autism: A Parent's Guide, Grs. K-12 -- $4. Nice. Special Needs Coll edited by Michael D Powers 368 p w resources.   ISBN 0933149166   luke15:10  05/23
Discover your Child's Heart , Grs. K-5 -- $48 ppd. Nice. Kid's Flag Page kit, complete but opened, boxed, a bit heavy.   ISBN 9781935519232   cdutton  05/31
Don't Push Me! (Childhood pressuring) -- $5. Nice. 40 p pb Lead, don't push children in school/life c1960 Ed. Asso.   luke15:10  05/23
Every Child Can Succeed hardcover -- $5 ppd. Nice. Cynthia Tobias helps you build on your child's strengths. hcover.   ISBN 9781561794621   susie_r  04/11
Facts of Life: Teaching Your Children, Grs. 6-12 -- $3. Nice. About Sex by John C Howell. Christian parent's bk vintage '73.   ISBN 0805456074   luke15:10  05/23
Facts of Life: What's Happening To Me?, Grs. 6-8 -- $4. Good. 1955 Sex ed for the Teen-Ager. No writing/exlibrary 48 p hb+ dj.   luke15:10  05/23
Feed Your Kids Right by Lendon Smith -- $4. Nice. 251 p pb. Healthy eating info for ADD, ADHD & defiant kids.   ISBN 044052704X   luke15:10  05/23
Forgiving What You Can't Forget -- $30 ppd. New. Book by Lysa TerKeurst; Study Guide & Journal included, new.   timnikki  04/26
Hints on Child Training -- $5. New. By Henry Clay Trumbull.   ISBN 9781883934019   home4learning  05/11
How To Help Your Child Say ''NO'' To S*x, Grs. 6-12 -- $3. New. Sexual Pressure. Why Wait companion book by Josh McDowell. .   ISBN 0849930936   luke15:10  05/23
How to Really Parent Your Child -- $5. New. ''Anticipating what a child needs instae of reacting''.   ISBN 9780849945410   home4learning  05/11
Interviewing Your Daughter's Date CD -- $10 ppd. New. Dennis Rainey (Family Life Today), full cast, to dads. 80 mins. .   ISBN 9781602000469   susie_r  04/11
Jumping Ship , Grs. 9-12 -- $9 ppd.
      Good. by Michael Pearl.   ISBN 9781892112989  
      limkefamily91  05/15
Kids Honor Club Curriculum age 3-12, Grs. K-5 -- $15. Good.   ISBN 1888685093   [more] tjoyotlims  06/01
Laying Down the Rails: A Habits Handbk, Grs. K-12 -- $28 ppd. Nice.   ISBN 9781616340216   [more] p31wannabe  05/29
Let the Children Come -- $11 ppd. Nice. Growing Kids God's Way, 5th edition, Leaders guide only.   kurriculumkorner  05/25
Little Bk of Christian Char. & Manners -- $5 ppd. Good. paperback, no writing or marks. Character and manners. .   susie_r  04/11
Making Brothers & Sisters Best Friends -- $5. Nice. Brothers & sisters are among the most important people in life!.   ISBN 0971940509   [more] barbara_in_nh  05/17
Managers of Their Chores , Grs. K-8 -- $18 ppd. Nice. Erased pencil on few charts, new chore pack kit inc. .   ISBN 9780966910797   p31wannabe  05/29
Miserly Moms, McCoy -- $4. New. Living on one income in a two income economy.   ISBN 9780764226120   home4learning  05/11
More Charlotte Mason Education -- $9 ppd. Nice. title p loose, name on title page, min wear, no writing.   loveteach4kids  05/26
Mother & Son -- $10. Good. Like new with exception of blue highlighting in places.   ISBN 9780849948213   home4learning  05/11
Motivate Your Child -Turansky & Miller -- $6 ppd. Nice. A Christian parent's guide to raising kids.   ISBN 9780529100733   lfoote  05/01
Motivate Your Child, Turansky & Miller -- $7. New. A guid to raising kids who do what they need without being told.   ISBN 9780529100733   home4learning  05/11
My Family's Changing (break-up/divorce, Grs. K-5 -- $4. Nice. 29 p pb-A First Look at book by Pat Thomas on Family Break-up.   ISBN 0764109952   luke15:10  05/23
No Easy Answers by Kathi Mills , Grs. K-8 -- $3. New. 62 p pb Biblical answers & applic. - Child's Difficult Issues:.   ISBN 0874036046   [more] luke15:10  05/23
No Greater Joy Ministries CD -- $7 ppd. Nice. Best Homeschooling Ideas, by Debi Pearl.   bookbliss  06/03
Parenting by Paul David Tripp -- $15 ppd. New. Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles by Paul David Tripp.   ISBN 9781433551932   bmorin  04/27
Parenting is Heart Work -- $8. New. Reaching the heart of your child. Turanksy & Miller.   ISBN 9780781441520   home4learning  05/11
Parenting without Power Struggles -- $5 ppd. Good. Parenting without Power Struggles by Susan Stiffelman.   ISBN 9781451667660   bmorin  04/27
Q & A a day for Kids-a Three-year -- $4. New. Journal. 3 years, 365 questions, 1095 conversations with your.   [more] barbara_in_nh  05/17
Raising a Modern Day Knight -- $8 ppd. New. Father's role in guiding son to authentic manhood.   ISBN 1561797162   cdutton  05/31
Raising Great Kids, Cloud & Townsend -- $8. New. Parenting with grace and truthy by Cloud & Townsend.   ISBN 9780310235491   home4learning  05/11
Raising Happy, Healthy Children, -- $3. Fair. John Rosemond's Six Point Plan for. . . 193 p pb. No writing.   ISBN 0836228065   luke15:10  05/23
Raising Real Men audio book -- $15 ppd. Nice. Practical guide to equipping parents w/sons Hal & Melanie Young.   ISBN 9780984144334   mamalong  05/19
Real Boys--Rescuing Our Sons from the -- $3. Nice. Myths of Boyhood. Pollack challenges conventional expectations.   [more] barbara_in_nh  05/17
Sacred Mundane -- $7 ppd. New. by Kari Patterson.   ISBN 9780825444470   nelsonfamilyaz8  05/31
Say Goodbye to Whining . . . -- $7. New. parenting book.   ISBN 9780877883548   [more] home4learning  05/11
Secret Keeper Girl: Great Dates for, Grs. K-8 -- $5. Nice. You and your Daughter -set Mom & daughter books, CD & stickers.   ISBN 0802431216   [more] luke15:10  05/23
Siblings without Rivalry How to Help -- $4. Good. your children live together so you can live too. .   ISBN 9780380799008   [more] barbara_in_nh  05/17
Sink Reflections -- $4. Nice. Marla Cilley, a. k. a. The FlyLady, shows you how to manage.   [more] barbara_in_nh  05/17
Teen-Proofing by John Rosemond (HC), Grs. 6-12 -- $20 ppd.
      New. Revolutionary Approach to Fostering Responsible Decision Making.   ISBN 0836227654  
      limkefamily91  05/15
That's My Teenage Son -- $8 ppd. Nice. paperback, very good condition, no marks. by Rick Johnson.   ISBN 9780800733841   susie_r  04/11
The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman -- $4. Nice. How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to your Mate 203 p hb w/dj.   ISBN 1881273156   luke15:10  05/23
The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman -- $3. New. How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to your Mate 203 p pb. .   ISBN 1881273156   luke15:10  05/23
The Antelope in the Living Room -- $7 ppd. Nice. NYT bestseller, humorous look at realities of marriage. pback.   ISBN 9781414385549   susie_r  04/11
The Care & Keeping of You 2 -- $4. New. The body book for older girls by American Girl.   ISBN 9781609580421   home4learning  05/11
The Essential Over 35 Pregnancy Guide -- $6 ppd.
      Nice.   ISBN 0380788195  
      twojugglers  04/11
The Family Book of Manners -- $5 ppd. Good. showing honor and respect in many different areas; paperback.   ISBN 9781557483874   susie_r  04/11
The Five Love Languages -- $4. Nice. How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate w/comprehensiv.   [more] barbara_in_nh  05/17
The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch -- $4. New. 206 p hb w dj-Dying professor leaves lecture legacy to his clas.   ISBN 9781401323257   luke15:10  05/23
The New Dare to Discipline -- $5. New. Best-selling book by Dr. James Dobson.   ISBN 9780842305068   home4learning  05/11
The Self-Propelled Advantage -- $8. New. Guide to independent, motivated kids who learn w/ excellence.   ISBN 9781614482963   home4learning  05/11
The Shaping of a Christian Family -- $9. New. Great parenting classic.   ISBN 9780800757366   home4learning  05/11
The Story of Me -- $5. New. God's design for sex, Book 1.   ISBN 0891098437   home4learning  05/11
The Well-Behaved Child - John Rosemond -- $10 ppd. Nice. Discipline that Really Works, Signed by author, HB.   ISBN 9780785229049   lfoote  05/01
The Well-Trained Heart by Reish -- $8 ppd. Nice. A Guide to the Relational Approach to Homeschooling.   ISBN 9780615176413   lfoote  05/01
Train Up a Child + 4 more -- $18 ppd.
      Good.   ISBN 0892741201  
      [more] limkefamily91  05/15
We're Growing Together (Blended Family, Grs. K-5 -- $8. New. 32 p hb w dj. Little girl's growing relationship w new step-dad.   ISBN 0027756661   luke15:10  05/23
You Can't Make Me, by Cynthia Tobias -- $5 ppd. Nice. persuading strong-willed kids; hardcover with jacket, clean. .   ISBN 9781578561933   susie_r  04/11
Your Legacy- The Greatest Gift -- $7 ppd. Nice. Dr. James Dobson, great parenting book, used in college course.   ISBN 9781455573417   kbarrett  04/22

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