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What if audio Scripture, worship music, and testimonies were available to the blind in their own language?  What if we view the world's 39 million blind persons, not as an endless pool of need, but a vast reservoir of God-given potential, courage, and resilience?
Resources for the Blind 

Curriculum for Sale, Marriage and parenting

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21 Rules of This House training kit -- $4. Nice. Gregg/Josh Harris. w/ laminated Rules+ Instruction+ coloring book.   ISBN 0923463887   tjoyotlims  01/10
30 Days to a Smart Family - Paul Lewis -- $4. New. 156 p hb. New. Fresh approach for family building, goals & chg.   ISBN 0310215854   luke15:10  01/03
A Beka Sex love & romance from the Bible -- $5 ppd. Nice. By Hugh Pyle. No writing.   corcicrew  01/22
A Return to Modesty -- $10 ppd. Nice. LIke new hc w/ dj. .   ISBN 0684843161   mamasheep  01/03
Adopt Internationally, How to: A Guide -- $6. Good. for Agency-Directed & Independent Adoptions-288 p pb sl writing.   ISBN 094035215X   luke15:10  01/11
Adoption Handbook, The International -- $3. Good. How to Make Foreign Adoption Work for You-185 p pb min. writing.   ISBN 0805045791   luke15:10  01/11
Boss of the Table Manners (humorous!) -- $3. Tiny Triumphs series, teaches basic manners 22 p pb. No writing.   ISBN 0687071194   luke15:10  01/04
Boundaries with Kids Workbook -- $4. Nice. With wisdom and empathy, they take you through the ins & outs.   [more] barbara_in_nh  01/07
Boys Adrift -- $8 ppd. Nice. Very slight cover wear. .   ISBN 9780465072101   [more] mamasheep  01/03
Bringing Up Boys by Dr James Dobson -- $5. Nice. Like new hb w dj. No writing, a few bent page corners.   luke15:10  01/11
Bringing up Boys by James Dobson -- $8 ppd. Nice. hardcover w/jacket; Focus on the Family host advises parents. .   ISBN 9780842352666   susie_r  12/27
Child Training Tips -- $5 ppd. What I Wish I Knew when my Children Were Young, Revised Ed. .   glbw  01/03
Children with Autism: A Parent's Guide, Grs. K-12 -- $4. Nice. Special Needs Coll edited by Michael D Powers 368 p w resources.   ISBN 0933149166   luke15:10  01/11
Confident Parents Exceptional Teens -- $4. Nice. Look at the 5-step spiral of negativity that seeks to pull your.   [more] barbara_in_nh  01/07
Created to Be His Help Meet + 3 books -- $50 ppd. New.   ISBN 9781616440756   [more] limkefamily91  01/12
Don't Push Me! (Childhood pressuring) -- $5. Nice. 40 p pb Lead, don't push children in school/life c1960 Ed. Asso.   luke15:10  01/11
Doorposts For Instruction in Righteous -- $25 ppd. Nice. For Instruction In Righteousness, like new!.   ISBN 9781891206528   for_his_glory  12/27
Every Child Can Succeed hardcover -- $5 ppd. Nice. Cynthia Tobias helps you build on your child's strengths. hcover.   ISBN 9781561794621   susie_r  12/27
Facts of Life: Teaching Your Children, Grs. 6-12 -- $3. Nice. About Sex by John C Howell. Christian parent's bk vintage '73.   ISBN 0805456074   luke15:10  01/04
Facts of Life: What's Happening To Me?, Grs. 6-8 -- $4. Good. 1955 Sex ed for the Teen-Ager. No writing/exlibrary 48 p hb+ dj.   luke15:10  01/11
Feed Your Kids Right by Lendon Smith -- $4. Nice. 251 p pb. Healthy eating info for ADD, ADHD & defiant kids.   ISBN 044052704X   luke15:10  01/11
Help! I'm Married to a Homeschooling M -- $5. Nice. Showing Dads How to Meet the Needs of Their Homeschooling Wives.   amishmartha  01/17
Interviewing Your Daughter's Date CD -- $10 ppd. New. Dennis Rainey (Family Life Today), full cast, to dads. 80 mins. .   ISBN 9781602000469   susie_r  12/27
Jumping Ship + 1 more book , Grs. 9-12 -- $10 ppd.
      Good.   ISBN 9781892112989  
      [more] limkefamily91  01/12
Let the Children Come -- $11 ppd. Nice. Growing Kids God's Way, 5th edition, Leaders guide only.   kurriculumkorner  01/20
Let's Hide the Word -- $10. Good. by G. Gaither & S. Dobson, ways to build Biblical principles.   ISBN 0849935164   slumsdaine  01/03
Little Bk of Christian Char. & Manners -- $5 ppd. Good. paperback, no writing or marks. Character and manners. .   susie_r  12/27
Love & Respect DVDs, wkboooks -- $50 ppd. New.   [more] limkefamily91  01/12
Ludy, Eric & Leslie set of 5 books, Grs. 9-12 -- $20 ppd.
      Nice.   ISBN 9780736922906  
      [more] limkefamily91  01/12
Managers of Their Chores -- $10 ppd. Nice.   martinezclan  01/15
Manners for Mealtimes -- $8. Nice. Cards to be placed by plates with mealtime rules, includes game.   [more] slumsdaine  01/03
Marriage w/Meaning (Character Health) -- $207 ppd. New. Complete Resouce Bundle by Steve & Megan Scheibner.   jeri  01/03
Mere Motherhood -- $10 ppd. New. by Cindy Rollins.   ISBN 9780986325748   nelsonfamilyaz8  01/26
My Family's Changing (break-up/divorce, Grs. K-5 -- $4. Nice. 29 p pb-A First Look at book by Pat Thomas on Family Break-up.   ISBN 0764109952   luke15:10  01/11
No Easy Answers by Kathi Mills , Grs. K-8 -- $3. New. 62 p pb Biblical answers & applic. - Child's Difficult Issues:.   ISBN 0874036046   [more] luke15:10  01/11
No Greater Joy Ministries CD -- $7 ppd. Nice. Best Homeschooling Ideas, by Debi Pearl.   bookbliss  01/02
Nurturing Spirituality in Children -- $3. Nice. Offers scores of simple lessons that parents can teach to.   [more] barbara_in_nh  01/07
Parent with Purpose (Character Health) -- $210 ppd. New. Nine Practices of the Proactive Parent Steve & Megan Scheibner.   jeri  01/03
Parenting Help Bundle: If-Then Chart.., Grs. K-12 -- $12. Nice.   ISBN 9780966378665   [more] tjoyotlims  01/10
Parenting in the Pew Robbie Castleman -- $6 ppd. Nice. Guiding Your Children into the Joy of Worship soft, 135.   ISBN 0830823409   trustnhim  01/08
Peacemaking for Families -- $5 ppd. New. Biblical guide to managing conflict in your home.   ISBN 1589970063   p31wannabe  01/01
Peacemaking for Families Ken Sande -- $5 ppd. Nice. A Biblical Guide to Managing Conflict in Your Home 225p. soft. .   ISBN 9781589970069   trustnhim  01/08
Plants Grown Up (Doorposts) , Grs. K-12 -- $35 ppd. Nice. Projects for Sons on the Road to Manhood (Foster) no writing.   ISBN 9781891206283   mrsdane  12/02
Positive Discipline for Teenagers -- $4. Nice. Empowering Your Teen & yourself through Kind and frim parenting.   [more] barbara_in_nh  01/07
Preparing Your Daughter +1 bk + 2 DVDs, Grs. K-12 -- $16 ppd.
      Nice.   ISBN 1400070058  
      [more] limkefamily91  01/12
Q & A a day for Kids-a Three-year -- $4. New. Journal. 3 years, 365 questions, 1095 conversations with your.   [more] barbara_in_nh  01/07
Raising Happy, Healthy Children, -- $3. Fair. John Rosemond's Six Point Plan for. . . 193 p pb. No writing.   ISBN 0836228065   luke15:10  01/11
Raising Real Men, Hal & Melanie Young -- $7 ppd. New. Practical guide to equipping hearts and minds of boys.   ISBN 9780984144303   p31wannabe  01/01
Raising Your Children for Christ + 5 -- $18 ppd.
      Good.   ISBN 9780875526058  
      [more] limkefamily91  01/12
Raising Your Kids to Love the Lord -- $12 ppd.
      New.   ISBN 9781400318711  
      [more] limkefamily91  01/12
Real Boys--Rescuing Our Sons from the -- $3. Nice. Myths of Boyhood. Pollack challenges conventional expectations.   [more] barbara_in_nh  01/19
Rules for Young Friends Training Kit, Grs. K-12 -- $4. Nice. Gregg/Josh Harris. w/ laminated Rules+ Instruction+ coloring book.   ISBN 092346364X   tjoyotlims  01/10
Say Goodby to Whining, Complaining, -- $5 ppd. and Bad Attitudes…in You and Your Kids!.   glbw  01/03
Secret Keeper Girl: Great Dates for, Grs. K-8 -- $5. Nice. You and your Daughter -set Mom & daughter books, CD & stickers.   ISBN 0802431216   [more] luke15:10  01/04
Shepherding a Child's Heart (txt) & -- $10 ppd. Parent Handbook for txt. 2 bks by Tedd Tripp. Txt good/H-bk new.   ISBN 0966378601   katesmom  12/18
Shepherding a Child’s Heart -- $5 ppd. Good.   glbw  01/03
Simply Romantic Nights by Family Life -- $10 ppd. Nice. Christian married couples booklet and 24 date ''idea cards''. .   ISBN 9781602000964   susie_r  12/27
Sink Reflections -- $4. Nice. Marla Cilley, a. k. a. The FlyLady, shows you how to manage.   [more] barbara_in_nh  01/07
Teach Them Diligently -- $5 ppd. Fair. Marked fair condition for underlining.   glbw  01/03
Teen-Proofing by John Rosemond , Grs. 6-12 -- $20 ppd.
      New. Revolutionary Approach to Fostering Responsible Decision Making.   ISBN 0836227654  
      limkefamily91  01/12
That's My Teenage Son -- $8 ppd. Nice. paperback, very good condition, no marks. by Rick Johnson.   ISBN 9780800733841   susie_r  12/27
The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman -- $4. Nice. How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to your Mate 203 p hb w/dj.   ISBN 1881273156   luke15:10  01/11
The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman -- $3. New. How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to your Mate 203 p pb. .   ISBN 1881273156   luke15:10  01/04
The Antelope in the Living Room -- $7 ppd. Nice. NYT bestseller, humorous look at realities of marriage. pback.   ISBN 9781414385549   susie_r  12/27
The Essential Over 35 Pregnancy Guide -- $6 ppd.
      Nice.   ISBN 0380788195  
      twojugglers  01/26
The Family Book of Manners -- $5 ppd. Good. showing honor and respect in many different areas; paperback.   ISBN 9781557483874   susie_r  12/27
The Heart of Anger -- $6 ppd. Nice. Practical help for the prevention and cure of anger in children.   ISBN 9781879737280   janetinma  12/13
The Heart of Anger -- $5 ppd. Nice. Practical Help for the Prevention and Cure of Anger in Children.   glbw  01/03
The Heart of Anger by Lou Priolo -- $5. Nice. Practical Help for the Prevention & cure of Anger in children. .   ISBN 9781879737280   tjoyotlims  01/10
The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch -- $4. New. 206 p hb w dj-Dying professor leaves lecture legacy to his clas.   ISBN 9781401323257   luke15:10  01/11
The Power of a Positive Mom + 1 more, Grs. K-12 -- $14 ppd.
      Nice.   ISBN 1582291632  
      [more] limkefamily91  01/12
The Visionary Father's Role in Home Ed -- $3. Nice. front of case cracked, CD and insert very good condition.   p31wannabe  01/01
The Wise Woman's Guide to Blessing ... -- $3. Nice. Her Husband's Vision, crack in case, CD very good condition.   p31wannabe  01/01
Turansky/Miller... Good and Angry -- $5. Nice. Exchange frustration for character in you and your kids. .   ISBN 9780877880301   tjoyotlims  01/10
Turansky/Miller.Say Goodbye to Whining -- $5. Nice. Help change Kid's Heart, Not just their behavior. .   ISBN 0877883548   tjoyotlims  01/10
We're Growing Together (Blended Family, Grs. K-5 -- $8. New. 32 p hb w dj. Little girl's growing relationship w new step-dad.   ISBN 0027756661   luke15:10  01/11
You Can't Make Me, by Cynthia Tobias -- $5 ppd. Nice. persuading strong-willed kids; hardcover with jacket, clean. .   ISBN 9781578561933   susie_r  12/27

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