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What if blind students routinely graduated from Bible college and taught others?  What if we view the world's 39 million blind persons, not as an endless pool of need, but a vast reservoir of God-given potential, courage, and resilience?
Resources for the Blind 

Curriculum for Sale, Language Arts: Other

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35 Learning Tools-Rdg/Writing Strategy, Grs. K-8 -- $10 ppd. Nice. mini lessons to practice reading & writing strategies.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
A Beka Creative Writing w/ Penmanship Skills, Gr. 6 -- $9 ppd. Good. ed2/c1993/p1998 #37877007 Great but has pencil writing in . .   bookbliss  01/13
A Beka English 8 set 4th ed. keys, 3 pcs. -- $25 ppd. Nice. Of Places Lit Key, voc. spell. poetry II key, quiz key; $10ea.   susie_r  12/31
A Beka Language 1 Teacher Key, Gr. 1 -- $15 ppd. Nice. 3rd ed, answers to seatwork text, #95192.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
A Beka Manuscript Writing Curriculum/Lessons, Gr. K5 -- $15 ppd. Good. 5th ed, #182796, some highlights.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
A Beka Of People Literature, Gr. 7 -- $15 ppd. Good. 4th edition: text, tests and test key.   elaine226  01/28
A Beka Of Places, Gr. 8 -- $10 ppd. Nice. Tests and test key.   elaine226  01/28
A Beka Of Places Teacher ed -- $40 ppd. Nice. like new, 2 vols, #309109+ 309117. 5th ed.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
A Beka Readiness Skills & ABC's and 123's -- $24 ppd. Nice. unused worktext for both- K4, current 2021, out of binding.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
A Beka Readiness Skills K4 (P), Pre-K -- $10 ppd. Nice. 26506016 prior ed/c1995/p2008 exc but pgs1, 3, 5, 7 missing & a.   [more] bookbliss  01/13
A Beka Reading Comp 2 Parent ed Skill Sheets -- $14 ppd. Nice. #325112, puppy w/tennis ball on cover, no writing.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
A Beka Speech for Today -- $14 ppd. Nice. no writing, minimal wear 69922.   loveteach4kids  02/06
A Midsummer Night's Dream -- $4 ppd. New. PB, price sticker on front, otherwise like new.   ISBN 9781853260308   kshomeschool  01/24
All About Reading - Level 4 , Gr. 4 -- $55 ppd. Nice. Teacher manual, 2 student readers, flashcards & tags.   books_4sale  01/26
All the Small Poems and Fourteen More, Grs. K-5 -- $7 ppd. Nice. pb, by Worth, no writing, minor cover wear if any.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
Alpha Omega Lifepac Language Arts, Gr. 7 -- $11 ppd. Nice. TG & student books #'s 7-10.   ISBN 9780867172416   monkiefarm  12/29
Beginning Public Speaking Dvd's -- $60 ppd. Nice. By T Moon, 2 discs, work great, c09, Communicators Adv Project.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
Beowulf to Beatles-Approaches to -- $4. Good. Poetry. Includes: Poetry: What it is & What it Does, Critical.   [more] barbara_in_nh  01/25
BJU English 11, Gr. 11 -- $15 ppd. Nice. Writing/Grammar test answer key and parent guide Edition 3.   smithpaden  12/20
BJU English 2 Tests and Answer Key, Gr. 2 -- $10 ppd. New. Second Edition Set.   ISBN 9781579248253   k3boyz  12/26
BJU Someday You'll Write - Paperback, Grs. 9-12 -- $5. Nice. Writing help.   ISBN 0890848203   [more] marterlec62  12/17
Cassell's Latin English Dictionary, Gr. 8 -- $12 ppd. Nice. Excellent condition, barely used.   tatum  01/14
CLE Reading 1 -- $12 ppd. Nice. sunrise 2nd ed, spiral, looks new.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
Cover Story - Clearwater Press -- $15 ppd. Good. Teacher's Guide.   aradsma  01/30
Critical Thinking Reading Detective Rx, Grs. 6-12 -- $18 ppd. Nice. Excellent condition. No known marks or writing. .   ISBN 9780894558016   jesusourking10  01/30
Dictation Resource Book -- $10 ppd. Good. pen writing on three pages min wear by Susan Anthony.   ISBN 9781879478213   loveteach4kids  02/06
Easy Grammar Grade 6 Teacher Edition, Gr. 6 -- $20 ppd. Nice.   ISBN 9780936981444   elaine226  01/28
Easy Peasy LA 4 Parent Guide -- $10 ppd. Nice. c17, no writing, Lee Giles, step/step, day/day.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
Easy Peasy LA 5 Lesson Guide -- $10 ppd. Nice. c18, no writing, Lee Giles, step/step, day/day.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
Easy Peasy Language Arts 6 LessonGuide, Gr. 6 -- $4 ppd. Nice. Lee Giles' EP all-in-one-homeschool.   ISBN 9781721216239   monkiefarm  12/29
English From the Roots Up Volume 1 -- $15 ppd. Worn. Cover heavily worn but pages are clean. Still has life left!.   ISBN 9780964321038   idahomom123  01/16
English from the Roots Up, Rummy Roots -- $20 ppd. Good. English from the Roots Up book c1989 and Rummy Roots card game.   [more] 4xm  02/07
Golems Eye Audiobook Cd set , Grs. 9-12 -- $20 ppd. Good. Bartimaeus Trilogy Book 2 Audiobook. Jonathan Stroud.   ISBN 0307245683   idahomom123  01/16
Hi-Lo Nonfiction Passages -- $20 ppd. Nice. Struggling Reader Comprehension/vocab for gr 4-5.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
How to Get Your Child to Love Reading, Grs. K-12 -- $12 ppd. Nice. A must have resource for children's literature!.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
How to Read a Book , Grs. 9-12 -- $12 ppd. Nice. Used in Sonlight's American Lit. 430.   timnikki  01/11
IEW On Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writi -- $20 ppd. Nice. Pudewa DVD set of 4 seminars in case, 2013, like new condition.   ISBN 9781623412012   susie_r  12/31
IEW Poetry Memorization -- $15 ppd. New. A Mastery Learning Approach by Andrew Pudewa.   ISBN 9781623412609   mamashandiwork  12/21
Landmark Freedom Baptist - English II, Grs. 9-12 -- $23 ppd. Nice. Complete set: student books, tests, answer keys, no writing.   martinezclan  01/12
Language Arts the Easy Way , Grs. K-5 -- $12 ppd. Good. C Rushton, writing inside cover, binding not so great, awesome!.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
Language Handbook Answer Key Harcourt, Gr. 4 -- $4 ppd. Nice. like new, paperback. Owl, cactus cover. No writing or marks. .   ISBN 0153261633   susie_r  12/31
Language Lessons for Little Ones 2 -- $15 ppd. Nice. Sandi Queen, informal Lang arts, pb, no writing.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
Learn to Write Letters & Numbers Workb -- $10 ppd. New. For ages 3-5. Line tracing, Shapes, Alphabet, Numbers.   idahomom123  01/16
Learning Lang. Arts Through Literature, Gr. 6 -- $30 ppd. Nice. The Tan Book Student & Teacher Set.   ISBN 9781880892862  01/19
Learning to Listen set , Grs. K-8 -- $11 ppd. Nice. teacher & student, pb, EPS pub, improve listening in students.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
LLATL Learning LA through Literature, red -- $15 ppd. Good. TM and readers.   ISBN 9781880892824   teachingwithheart  02/01
LLATL Orange or Tan ed1 Teacher's books -- $12 ppd. Nice. prior ed (ed1) spiral-comb books. $12 ppd ea..   bookbliss  01/13
Logic of English Essentials Vol 1 -- $120 ppd. Nice. Ess. Teachers Guide and all contents of current LOE Ess 1-7 Set.   [more] jenncassidy  01/31
MCT The Poetry of Literature Set, Grs. 6-8 -- $50 ppd. New. Teacher manual, Student book set, will separate for $25ppd each.   ISBN 9780898248760   sjtharris  01/17
Meet the Authors & Illustrators, Grs. K-12 -- $13 ppd. Nice. name inside cover, 60 authors/illus talk about their work.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
Memoria Press Poetry for Grammar Stage- Student Gde -- $10 ppd. Good. pencil on 2 pages, c12.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
Memoria Press Poetry for the Grammar Stage Anthology -- $12 ppd. Nice. 3rd ed , pb, no writing, old coffee spot top right corner.   kurriculumkorner  01/10
Memoria Press Poetry for the Grammar Stage TG, Gr. 3 -- $13 ppd. Nice. Teacher's Guide (P) like new prior ed1/c2012.   ISBN 9781615381395   bookbliss  01/13
Memoria Press Poetry, Prose, & Drama Set -- $25 ppd. New. Teacher Guide & Student Book. .   jesusourking10  01/07
Memoria Press Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Set -- $30 ppd. Nice. Teacher, student and literature books. Like new!.   jesusourking10  01/07
Modifying the 4 Blocks for Upper Grade, Grs. 6-8 -- $8 ppd. Good. some highlts, matching strategiesW/needs, carsn-dellosa, cvr tape.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
More Reading Comprehension in Varied, Gr. 10 -- $6 ppd. Nice. Subject Matter, Level 2 by J Ervin, student text & answer key.   ISBN 0838806074   mocaismama  01/03
No Fear Shakespeare: Macbeth -- $3. New. PB - 2 copies, very minor shelf wear, both no writing.   ISBN 9781586638467   kshomeschool  01/24
One Year Adventure Novel - Clearwater -- $15 ppd. Good. Textbook.   aradsma  01/30
Ordinary Parents Guide Teaching Readg -- $14 ppd. Good. minor wear form use, no writing, pb, excellent resource.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
Painless Poetry , Grs. 6-12 -- $6 ppd. Nice. Fun guide to reading and writing poetry, by Barron's. .   ISBN 0764116142   lfoote  12/12
Peace Hill Press First Language Lessons Level 2, Grs. K-5 -- $12 ppd. Nice. no writing, by Jessie Wise, c 10, minimal wear.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
Peace Hill Press Writing With Ease Level 2 Workbook -- $15 ppd. New. Susan Wise Bauer. C2008. .   jkinkade  02/04
Pitch & Throw, Grasp & Know Synonyms, Grs. K-8 -- $3. New. HB, Protected DJ, ex lib stamps, otherwise like new condition.   ISBN 1575057964   kshomeschool  01/24
Pocket Charts for Emergent Readers, Gr. K -- $7 ppd. Nice. K-1, Scholastic, 30 interactive cross curricular charts, ESL.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
Poetry for Young People -- $6. Good. Edgar Allan Poe, Walt Whitman.   searcyperk  01/04
Poetry Patterns & Themes -- $10 ppd. Nice. Like new, grades 3-6, no writing, workbook style.   klangford  01/18
Poetry Place Anthology..more than 600 -- $3. Good. poems for all occasions! Poems to celebrate each season & .   [more] barbara_in_nh  01/25
Queen Homeschool-Copywork -- $8 ppd. Good. Copywork for Little Boys. Up to page 6 written in. .   jesusourking10  01/07
R is for Rainbow (P) , Pre-K -- $13 ppd. New. Developing Young Children's Thinking Skills Through the.   ISBN 0201201992   [more] bookbliss  01/13
Reading Journal - Kim Sorgius -- $17 ppd. Nice.   ISBN 9781516879076   [more] p31wannabe  01/14
Reading skills set of 3 activity books -- $6. Nice. Titles-Locating Information, Fact & Opinion & Reading for.   [more] barbara_in_nh  01/25
Reading Strands- Understanding Fiction -- $10 ppd. Nice. Teacher bk, Crit thinking, elements of fiction, great bk list!.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
Real Life Reading Activities , Grs. 6-12 -- $14 ppd. Nice. gr 6-12, >200 lessons/activities, by Silver.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
Rod and Staff Preparing For Usefulness, Gr. 8 -- $15. Nice. Stu book c1997.   gal2:20kjv  01/03
School of Tomorrow PACE English Keys,Gods Tribesman book, Gr. 9 -- $13 ppd.
      [more] raisethemright  02/03
Shakespear The Winter's Tale -- $2. New. PB, Folger Shak. Library ed, name inside, otherwise clean copy.   ISBN 9780743484893   kshomeschool  01/24
Shakespeare - Twelfth Night -- $2. Nice. Folger Shak. Library edition, name inside, otherwise clean copy.   ISBN 0743482778   kshomeschool  01/24
Shakespeare A Midsummer Night's Dream -- $2. New. PB, name inside, otherwise clean copy.   ISBN 0521787289   kshomeschool  01/24
Shakespeare Measure for Measure -- $2. Nice. PB, Folger Shak. Library ed, c1965, no writing.   ISBN 0671496123   kshomeschool  01/24
Shakespeare Twelfth Night -- $2. Nice. PB, Folger Shak. Library ed, name inside, otherwise clean copy.   ISBN 0671722948   kshomeschool  01/24
Shurley Method English made Easy, Gr. 5 -- $5 ppd. Good. missing pages 1-14, no writing rest of bk, 2nd ed, not hs version.   ISBN 1881940586   kurriculumkorner  02/02
Simply Shakespeare Romeo & Juliet -- $5 ppd. New. Front cover has crease, no writing, like new condition.   kshomeschool  01/24
Sonlight End of Year Memory Book -- $9 ppd. New. print edition, never used, no writing, no misisng pages.   loveteach4kids  02/06
Sonlight Guide for Sounds/Letters/Words, Gr. K5 -- $15 ppd. Nice. c08, comes with used student sheets.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
Sonlight Lang. Arts & Reading Inst. Guides 2005, Gr. 2 -- $50 ppd. Good. 4/5 day IGs, no writing, shelf wear. All pgs in binder, no tabs.   susie_r  12/31
Sonlight Language Arts 6 IG, Worksheets, Answer, Gr. 6 -- $40 ppd. Nice. no writing, binders included if desired.   jezzxlou  02/08
Sonlight Language Arts 7 IG w/ partial set, Gr. 7 -- $135 ppd. Nice. Set includes the following: LA Comprehensive IG c2001 & Notes.   [more] bookbliss  01/13
Sonlight Student Lang Arts Sheets Set, Gr. 3 -- $10 ppd. New. in shrink wrap, 2013, never used.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
Sonlight Student Lang Arts Sheets Set for D, Grs. K-5 -- $13 ppd. New. in shrink wrap, 2014, never used.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
Spelling Connections: Spelling Support, Gr. 1 -- $6. New. 2nd Language Learners/ESL blackline masters w/key Zaner Bloser.   ISBN 0736700870   luke15:10  01/16
Story Starters , Grs. 6-12 -- $18. New. Story Starters, helping children write.   ISBN 9781889209043   [more] marterlec62  12/17
Super Reader--How to teach your child -- $3. Nice. to Speed Read. Teaches your child to read silently--efficiently.   [more] barbara_in_nh  01/25
Tapestry of Grace A Poetry Handbook -- $9 ppd. Nice. pb, by Mary Oliver, prose guide to Poetry, c94.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
Tapestry of Grace The Anchor Book of Chinese Poetry, Grs. 9-12 -- $136 ppd. Nice. TOG yr 1 Rhetoric, no writing, edited by Barnstone, pb.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
Teacher's Guide to 4 Blocks , Grs. K-5 -- $8 ppd. Nice. gr 1-3 primarily, balanced literacy program.   ISBN 0887244947   kurriculumkorner  02/02
Teaching the Classics Workbook -- $10 ppd. Good. Only highlights in the beginning, no other known writing. .   jesusourking10  01/31
Teaching with Favorite I Spy Books, Grs. K-5 -- $7 ppd. Nice. gr K-3, uses 10 different I Spy bks.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
Tgtb L A Course Set Level 2 , Gr. 2 -- $70.
      New. Good & Beautiful Lvl 2 Course Book, Reading Booster Cards & Book.  
      auvi  02/01
The Candle in the Window -- $10 ppd. Good. Lamplighter Publishing.   ISBN 1584740590   farmgirlva  02/02
The grammar of Spelling , Gr. 3 -- $18 ppd. Nice. no writing, Matt Whiting, Logos School Pub, 2nd ed, no binder.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
The Harp & Laurel Wreath , Grs. 6-12 -- $11 ppd. Nice. Berquist, collection of poetry for classical study, pb, .   kurriculumkorner  01/10
The Making of a Poem -- $5. Nice. looks squarely at some of the headaches & mysteries of poetic.   [more] barbara_in_nh  01/25
The Missing Piece Meets the Big O -- $3. Nice. From She Silverstein, the celebrated author of the Giving Tree, .   [more] barbara_in_nh  01/25
Tin Man Press - Going Places -- $8 ppd. Nice. by Rasmussen new $17 no writing grades 2-6 crease on cover.   loveteach4kids  02/06
Veritas Press Lit -Fairy Tales of Bros Grimm -- $10 ppd. Good. some erasures, c2000, answers in the back.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
Veritas Press Lit Guide- Susan Creek -- $9 ppd. Nice. no writing, c05, answers in the back.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
Writing Poetry with Children , Grs. K-5 -- $11 ppd. Nice. gr 1-6, 3 levels, Evan Moor pub, 5 types poetry covered, prev ed.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
Writing Strands-Evaluating Writing -- $11 ppd. Nice. Teacher ed for Writing Strands series.   kurriculumkorner  02/02

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