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100 Top Picks Homeschool Curriculum, Grs. K-12 -- $12 ppd. Nice. Cathy Duffy - nice condition name written in ink on one page. .   ISBN 0805431381   grandmapatsy  11/03
100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curricul. -- $10 ppd. Good. 2005 edition of curriculum/homeschool approach by Cathy Duffy.   ISBN 9780805431384   home4learning  11/15
A Biblical Home Education -- $9 ppd. Nice. by Beechick, foundational guidance.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
A Garden Patch of Reproducible Sheets -- $15 ppd. Nice. no writing, planning & Worksheets to help organize/record, c02.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
A Literary Education by Levison -- $9 ppd. Nice. Charlotte Mason, minimal wear, no writing.   loveteach4kids  11/09
A Thomas Jefferson Education Home Comp -- $22 ppd. Good. TJ Ed Anniv Classic ed w/ companionc06 by DeMille.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
Any Child Can Write, 4th Ed. , Grs. K-12 -- $3 ppd. New.   ISBN 0195153162   violamom  10/18
Bellerophon: Civil War Heroines -- $2. New. Bellerophon Coloring Book, new, top edges pgs minor shelf wear.   ISBN 0883881470   kshomeschool  10/08
Big Book of Books & Activities , Grs. K-5 -- $8 ppd. Nice. by D Zike- illustrated how to lap book-c00.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
Big Book of Books and Activities -- $13 ppd. Nice. Dinah Zike. Instructions for making small booklets/lapbooks. .   ISBN 1882796071   rohinz  11/05
Big Book of HomeSchooling -- $12 ppd. Nice. by Debi Pearl No Greater Joy, no writing, some bent p corners.   loveteach4kids  11/18
Books Children Love -- $7 ppd. Good. Eliz Wilson, pb, c87, book reviews (so you know whats in it).   kurriculumkorner  11/15
Boost Your Memory Power set -- $6. Nice. 101 Practical Ways to Remember Names, Numbers, Facts and Faces.   ISBN 0760759421   [more] luke15:10  11/26
Call of the Wild + Free by Arment -- $14 ppd. Nice. Reclaiming Wonder in Your Child's Education hardback w/jacket.   loveteach4kids  11/25
Charlotte Mason Homeschool set -- $160 ppd. Nice. All six volumes, 1989, light wear. bumps. yellowing.   jezzxlou  11/16
Children's Special Places Exploring -- $4. Nice. the Role of Forts, Dens & Bush Houses in Middle Childhood. From.   [more] barbara_in_nh  11/09
Choosing & Using Curriculum -- $7 ppd. Nice. Joyce Herzog- types/styles/basics etc, c2001.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
Christian Liberty Press Christian HS Foundation/Practice -- $5 ppd. Good. c2001, structure for home education - discipline,training,etc.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
Classical Conversations Ten ways to destroy the imagination of -- $12 ppd. New. Your children by Anthony Esolen.   jkandrews  10/04
Classical Conversations The Office of Assertion -- $10 ppd. Nice. no writing, minor wear by Crider.   loveteach4kids  11/09
Climbing Parnassus by Simmons -- $14 ppd. Nice. no writing, minimal wear, Memoria Press recommended.   loveteach4kids  11/25
College Without Compromise -- $9 ppd. Nice. pb, no writing, by the Wightman, c05.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
Comp Guide 2 Getting Started in HSing -- $15 ppd. Good. Mary Pride, c2004.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
Complete Idiot's Guide to Homeschoolng -- $6 ppd. Nice. pb, no writing, no highlighting, c2001.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
Critical Thinking Building Thinking Skills L 2 -- $9 ppd. Good. Light wear, first 17 pages have writing, 1998.   jezzxlou  11/16
Cultivated Homeschool Planner, The -- $20 ppd. New. three-hole punched in plastic never opened by Lara Casey.   loveteach4kids  11/25
Cure the Fear of Homeschooling High -- $10 ppd. Nice. School by Karako no writing minor shelf wear.   loveteach4kids  11/18
Cure the Fear of Homeschooling HS -- $8 ppd. New. Cure the Fear of Homeschooling High School by Ann Karako.   ISBN 9781731488800   reneek  10/17
Discover What You're Best At -- $9 ppd. Nice. by Linda Gale, career planning, c98, no writing.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
Dynamic Memory and Study Skills Course -- $75 ppd. New. 8 CDs and Workbook. New. Learn how to learn and remember.   ISBN 0970156332   luke15:10  11/26
Educated Child -- $7 ppd. Good. Bill Bennett- excellent resource.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
Educating the WholeHearted Child -- $10. Nice. 2nd ed, scattered pencilin margins, cover wear, by Clarkson.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
Ending the Homework Hassle:... -- $3. New. Understanding, Preventing, & Solving School Performance Program.   ISBN 0836228073   luke15:10  11/26
Evaluating for Excellence -- $8 ppd. Nice. T Moon, by Beautiful Feet, pb, some wear bottom corner.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
Every Child Can Succeed-Cynthia Tobias -- $3. Good. 154 p hb with dj. Making theMost of Your Child's Learning Style.   ISBN 1561794627   luke15:10  11/26
Family Matters- Why HS Makes Sense -- $12 ppd. Good. by David Guterson, c 1992, .   kurriculumkorner  11/15
For the Love of Reading -- $7 ppd. Nice. Valerie Bendt, c1994.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
Games for Learning -- $8 ppd. Nice. Peggy Kaye, k-3, pb, no writing, c91, 10 minutes a day!.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
Guide to American Christian Education -- $20 ppd. Nice. From FACE for use with the Principle Approach. Nice. .   kurriculumkorner  11/15
Harp and Laurel Wreath -- $12 ppd. Good. by Berguist, no writng, normal use minimal wear on corners.   loveteach4kids  11/18
High School @ Home- You can do it! -- $30 ppd. New. nver used, cd included, pb, no writing, no wear.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
Home Educating with Confidence , Grs. K-12 -- $10 ppd. New. How ordinary parents can produce extraordinary children. c1996.   ISBN 0970877056   paleshafer  10/23
Homeschool Helps Set of 12 Books -- $70 ppd. Nice. Must-have reference books to aid in your homeschooling!.   [more] tribalmama  11/20
Homeschool Mom's Awesome Ideas Journal -- $9 ppd. Nice. by Erskin, minor wear, no writing, HomeWay Press.   loveteach4kids  11/18
Homeschool Teachers Plan Book -- $5. Good. Did have writing in pencil, but have erased.   momof_four  11/21
Homeschool the Teen Years , Grs. 6-12 -- $10 ppd. Good. Almost nice, no writing, Cafi Cohen e 2000.   ISBN 0761520937   karenl  11/17
Homeschooling on a Shoestring -- $8 ppd. Nice. compendium of ideas when on a budget!.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
Homeschooling Book of Answers -- $8 ppd. New. answers to 88 Important Questions-by Linda Dobson.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
Homeschooling Father -- $6 ppd. Nice. Michael Farris, pb, stamp inside cover.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
Homeschooling High School -- $10 ppd. Nice. planning ahead college adm, revised/update c04, author: JDennis.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
Homeschooling Highschool -- $10. New. Planning ahead for college admission.   ISBN 9781932096118   home4learning  11/15
Homeschooling the Early Years -- $9 ppd. Good. complete guide for the 3-8yr old child.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
Homeschooling, The Heart of -C. Klicka -- $4. Nice. 218 p pb. in nearly new condition. No writing or damage.   ISBN 0805425977   luke15:10  11/26
Homework Without Tears by Lee Canter -- $3. Nice. 157 p pb No writing. Back cover has a cut corner. .   ISBN 0062731327   luke15:10  11/26
Honey for A Child's Heart -- $12 ppd. Nice. 4th ed , Huny, pb, how to pick good lit for your kids \.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
How 2 Get Child Off Refrigerator &Lrng -- $9 ppd. Nice. homeschooling for distractible/ADHD/fidgety kids-Practical!.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
How To Do Homework Without Throwing Up -- $2. Nice. Fun book of study skills and homework hints for elem. grades.   ISBN 0590274635   luke15:10  11/26
I Hate School by Cynthia Ulrich Tobias -- $4. Nice. 206 p pb-no writing. How to Help Your Child Love Learning.   ISBN 031024577X   luke15:10  11/26
IEW Video Seminars - 4 DVDs -- $14 ppd. Nice. On Listening, Spealing, Reading Writing by Pudewa new $29.   loveteach4kids  11/18
Individual Studies, Lesson Plans, Gr. 3 -- $16 ppd. Nice. Simply Charlotte Mason, by Shafer, minimal wear no writing.   loveteach4kids  11/09
Inspiring Our Children Using Great Lit -- $10 ppd. Good. Cindy Rushton, comb bound, c2001, priceless .   kurriculumkorner  11/15
Language & Thinking 4 Young Children -- $5 ppd. Nice. By Beechick, oral language manual K & primary, some cover wear.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
Learn By Doing -- $6 ppd. Nice. How to ''Hands On'', pb, c98, awesome ideas!.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
Learning In Spite of Labels -- $7 ppd. Nice. by Herzog, a few underlines, Christian, practical.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
Learning in Spite of Labels (Greenleaf -- $3. Good. 240 p pb minor writing Practical teaching tips & Christ. persp. .   ISBN 1882514130   luke15:10  11/26
Let Us Highly Resolve- Quine -- $6 ppd. Nice. may have scattered notes in margins, pb, .   kurriculumkorner  11/15
Living Page: Keeping Notebooks with -- $14 ppd. Nice. Charlotte Mason by Bestvater, no writing, minor wear.   loveteach4kids  11/09
Luke's School List , Grs. K-8 -- $23 ppd. Nice. planner/IEP/Scope & Seq/plans- no writing, J Herzog.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
Making Children Mind without Losing -- $3. New. Yours, Leman. PB, name inside cover, otherwise clean copy.   kshomeschool  10/08
Making Schools Better - Larry Martz -- $3. Nice. 270 p pb Book for Parents & Teachers-re-taking action.   ISBN 0812919394   luke15:10  11/26
Managers of Their Homes -- $16 ppd. Good. without scheduling kit- minor shelf wear, full of useful info.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
Managers of Their Homes -- $22 ppd. New. Scheduling system, includes scheduling kit.   ISBN 9780966910742   p31wannabe  10/27
Managers of their Schools -- $12 ppd.
      Nice. By Steve and Teri Maxwell. Softcover. .   ISBN 9780977142071  
      bibliophile81  11/07
Master Books Answers for Homeschooling, Grs. K-12 -- $10 ppd. Nice. Top 25 Questions Critics Ask - light wear, autographed.   jezzxlou  11/16
Memoria Press Curriculum Manual, Gr. 2 -- $16 ppd. Good. Second Grade Primary Stage spiral bound, minimal pencil.   loveteach4kids  11/09
Memoria Press Kindergarten Enrichment -- $14 ppd. Nice. 1st ed, c13, no writing, .   kurriculumkorner  11/15
Ministering to the Heart of Your Child -- $11 ppd. Good. Cindy Rushton, comb bound, c2000, priceless .   kurriculumkorner  11/15
Montessori Play and Learn , Pre-K -- $14 ppd. Good. paperback, awesome ideas to play and learn.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
Notebooking Pages on CD -- $5. Good. CD-rom w/ printable notebooking pages. See Notebookingpages. com.   home4learning  11/15
Nurturing the Write Relationship -- $6 ppd. Nice. Mary Ann Froehlich, A family writing lifestyle, c2007.   ISBN 0970181698   momsteach4729  11/28
Ourselves Volume 4, Authorized Version -- $18 ppd. Good. wide-margin study edition Simply Charlotte Mason no writing.   loveteach4kids  11/18
Parent's Guide to Asperger Syndrome -- $11 ppd. Good. some underlining/notes, c02.   ISBN 1572305312   kurriculumkorner  11/15
Parent's Guide to Homeschoolin -- $10 ppd. Nice. complete guide for families w/children 3-18 yrs old.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
Phonics Pathways 9th Edition , Gr. 12 -- $16 ppd. Nice. by Hiskes, easy reading/perfect spelling.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
Plan Your Year by Pam Barnhill -- $16 ppd. Nice. no writing, no missing pages, minimal wear.   loveteach4kids  11/18
Queen HomeSchool Learning How to Learn -- $8 ppd. Nice. Sandi Queen, no writing, never used, minimal shelf wear.   loveteach4kids  11/18
Rainy Day Play! Explore*Create -- $4. Nice. Discover*Pretend. Collects over 70 rainy day activities that.   [more] barbara_in_nh  11/09
Renewing the Old School by Jack McCall -- $2. Nice. Practical Principles (in learning & life) 77 p pb. No writing.   luke15:10  11/26
Revealing Arithmetic - Math Concepts -- $16 ppd. Nice. from a Biblical Worldview, by Loop, underlining on five pages.   loveteach4kids  11/18
Save your Sanity while Homeschooling, Grs. 9-12 -- $8 ppd. Nice. Save your Sanity while Homeschooling High School by Ann Karako.   reneek  10/17
SCM Home Education by Charlotte Mason, Grs. K-12 -- $15 ppd. Nice. SCM Authorized Version, Wide- Margin Study Edition - Volume 1.   ISBN 9781616343200   [more] lanams  10/03
Setting the Records Straight , Grs. 9-12 -- $12 ppd. Fair. Lee Binz, c2010, crafting transcripts & course descriptions, clean.   ISBN 1449583555   jacblily_joys  11/03
Social Skills Activities for Special -- $4. Nice. Children. 142 ready-to-use lessons & reproducible line master.   ISBN 0876288689   [more] barbara_in_nh  11/09
Soul of Science - Christian Faith & -- $9 ppd. Good. Natural Philosophy Classical Conversations recommended no writi.   loveteach4kids  11/18
SoYou're Thinking about Homeschooling -- $10 ppd. New. Fifteen Families Show How You Can Do It. c2003.   ISBN 1590520858   paleshafer  10/23
Stop Faking It! Sound--Finally -- $3. Nice. Understanding Science So you can Teach it, Grades 3-8. .   [more] barbara_in_nh  11/09
Teacher Tips Preschool/Kindergarten -- $2. Nice. Easy to access ideas, crate ways to teach a skill, management.   [more] barbara_in_nh  11/09
Teaching Students to Read Nonfiction -- $6. Nice. Help students tackle the textbook with 15 lessons that.   [more] barbara_in_nh  11/09
The A-Z Guide to HS Field Trips -- $8 ppd. Nice. edited by Greg Harris, c1993.   ISBN 1568570813   momsteach4729  11/28
The Big What Now Bk of Learning Styles -- $7 ppd. Nice. by C Barnier-K-12, how they learn and how to teach to that.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
The Brave Learner -- $10 ppd. Nice. The Brave Learner by Julie Bogart.   ISBN 9780143133223   bmorin  11/24
The Complete Guide to Successful Co-op, Grs. K-12 -- $7 ppd. Nice. ideas for co-ops, examples of log sheets, complete unit study.   paleshafer  10/23
The Complete Home Learning Source Book, Grs. K-12 -- $10 ppd. Nice. Exhaustive and comprehensive info on resources. c1998.   paleshafer  10/23
The Core -- $13 ppd. Nice. Leigh Bortins, pb, Classical Ed methods.   ISBN 9780230100350   kurriculumkorner  11/15
The Educated Child 1999 ed , Grs. K-8 -- $10 ppd. Nice. Bennett Parents Guide K-8, 600 + pg tips, expectations grade/subj.   ISBN 0684833492   karenl  11/17
The High School Handbook -- $15 ppd. Good. Junior and Senior High School at Home. By Mary Schofield. .   jesusourking10  10/31
The High School Handbook, 7th edition -- $10. New. Junior and Senior High School at home. Cathy Duffy approved. .   ISBN 0966093771   home4learning  11/15
The Homeschoolers Book of Lists w/cd -- $13 ppd. Good. cd works great, pb by Haskins, great resource!.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
The Language Wars -- $8 ppd. Nice.   ISBN 0940319098   [more] momsteach4729  11/28
The Original Home School Series, Grs. K-12 -- $85 ppd.
      Nice. By Charlotte Mason. The beloved (6) little, pink books. .  
      [more] lanams  10/03
The Question -- $12 ppd. Nice. Leigh Bortins, pb, Classical Ed methods.   ISBN 9780990472025   kurriculumkorner  11/15
The Schoolhouse Planner Disc -- $30 ppd. Nice. From ''The Old Schoolhouse Magazine LLC''. .   jesusourking10  10/31
The Three R's -- $6 ppd. Nice. Beechick, gr K-3, Reading/Writing/Arith- pb- all in 1 book.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
The Ult. Guide to Homeschooling Teens -- $17 ppd. Nice.   ISBN 9781932012996   dgraber  10/30
The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling -- $11 ppd. Good. by Bell, no writing, 10 pgs with fold lines. some underlining.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
The Unhurried Homeschooler -- $8 ppd. Nice. by Durenda Wilson, minor shelf wear, no writing.   loveteach4kids  11/18
The Unschooling Handbook -- $11 ppd. Nice. use the world as the classrm, c98, no writing, pb, by Griffith.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
The Way Home -- $8 ppd. Nice. Mary Pride- Feminism to reality-used in Where brook meets River.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
The Way they Learn -- $3. Nice. Using expertise in education and learning styles, Tobias offers.   [more] barbara_in_nh  11/09
The Way They Learn by Cynthia Tobias -- $3. New. How to discover & teach to your child's strengths. 168 p pb.   ISBN 1561794147   [more] luke15:10  11/26
The Way They Learn by Tobias -- $6 ppd. Nice. minimal wear, no writing.   loveteach4kids  11/18
The Way They Learn, Tobias -- $4. Nice. How to teach to your child's strengths. Cynthia Tobias.   ISBN 9781561794140   home4learning  11/15
The Well Trained Mind , Grs. K-12 -- $10. Good. Classical education 2004 Bauer and Wise.   ISBN 0393059278   borzoimom  11/18
The Well-Trained Mind -- $14 ppd. Good. Jessie Wise & Susan Wise Bauer. 3rd ed. C2009.   jkinkade  11/04
Trivium Mastery Intersection of 3 Road, Grs. K-12 -- $10 ppd. Nice. How to give child an authentic classicl home educa D. Lockman.   ISBN 9781432733285   joynpz  10/09
Ultimate Bk of Homeschooling Ideas -- $11 ppd. Nice. by Linda Dobson, pb, 500+ activities for ages 3-12.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
Ultimate Guide to Homeschoolin -- $10 ppd. Nice. 3rd ed, c2005, an ''indispensible manual'', D Bell author.   kurriculumkorner  11/15
Uncommon Courtesy For Kids -- $8 ppd. Nice. By Gregg & Joshua Harris, includes laminated Chart, c1990.   ISBN 0923463720   momsteach4729  11/28
What Should We Then Know? -- $10 ppd. Nice. by Jan Bloom, about making a home library.   loveteach4kids  11/18
What Your 5th/6th Grader Needs to Know, Grs. K-12 -- $25 ppd. Nice. Set of 2. Other ISBN 0-385-41120-0. Core Publications 1993.   ISBN 0385411197   mrs.j.  11/10
What Your Child Needs to Know & When, Grs. K-8 -- $12 ppd. Nice. by Robin Sampson-Evaluations per subject & child included.   ISBN 0970181612   momsteach4729  11/28
What your Fourth Grader Needs to Know, Gr. 4 -- $10 ppd. New. 2016 ed. .   ISBN 9780553394672   wilsonhomeschool  11/14
What’s Going On Here? Conversation -- $4. Nice. Cards. Helps develop empathy & observational skills while.   [more] barbara_in_nh  12/01
When Children Love to Learn -- $10 ppd. Nice. Practical Application of Charlotte Mason's Philosophy by Cooper.   loveteach4kids  11/18
You Can Teach Your Child Successfully -- $6 ppd. Nice. pb, name inside front cover, no writing.   kurriculumkorner  11/15

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