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What if audio Scripture, worship music, and testimonies were available to the blind in their own language?  What if we view the world's 39 million blind persons, not as an endless pool of need, but a vast reservoir of God-given potential, courage, and resilience?
Resources for the Blind 

Curriculum for Sale, Finance/Econ

Most homeschoolers are honest, but your comfort with the seller should be proportional to the payment you are sending. Study their reputation and length of registration (on their page), then communicate as needed. Check for common scams and banned users before sending money or merchandise. Click the membername in the listing to see the person's complete list of sale and wanted items and their contact information. Postage is additional, unless price is followed by "ppd" (postage paid to US). Register here in less than 30 seconds to list "Wanted" and "For sale" items for free. Condition descriptions are New, Nice, Good, Fair, and Worn (narrowly defined here, with some listing abbreviations). If condition is critical, confirm it before purchase. If an ISBN number is shown, click on it to see an item image, description, and user reviews.

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A Beka Economics, Grs. 9-12 -- $12 ppd. Good. 2nd ed. Paperback. Clean condition w/ taped rip on cover. .   ISBN 9781591664116   faithful  01/12
A Beka Economics - Work & Prosperity Set -- $29 ppd. Nice. 2nd ed, text/TE/quiz/Key paperback, prev ed.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
A Beka Economics Quiz and Test Key, Gr. 12 -- $10 ppd. Nice. Abeka# 325589, Like New condition.   tmmeland  01/28
A Beka Economics Work & Prosperity ed2 set, Gr. 12 -- $33 ppd. Nice. Set of 2: Work & Prosperity in Christian Perspective ed2 text.   [more] bookbliss  01/13
A Beka Economics Work & Prosperity ed2 text, Gr. 12 -- $21 ppd. Nice. Work & Prosperity in Christian Perspective ed2 text (P).   [more] bookbliss  01/13
Bank Account Math Life Skills , Grs. 6-12 -- $11 ppd. New. Bank Account Math Life Skills remedia Publication.   reneek  01/04
Basic Economics:A Natural Law Approach, Grs. 9-12 -- $45 ppd. New. Basic Economics:A Natural Law Approach to economics edition 4.   ISBN 9780972740142   reneek  01/04
Better Than a Lemonade Stand! , Grs. K-12 -- $7 ppd. New. new, unused, no marks, no wear- small business ideas 4 kids.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
BJU Economics -- $10 ppd. Nice.   ISBN 9781591664215   jesusourking10  01/07
BJU Economics, Grs. 9-12 -- $11. Good. Student text. Second edition.   ISBN 9781591664116   nohermanv  01/29
BJU Economics - Set of 4 -- $125 ppd. Nice. 2nd ed like new text, TE, test key & St Act Man new $164.   loveteach4kids  02/06
BJU Economics ed1 text (paperback), Grs. 9-12 -- $14 ppd. Nice. c1999; great/+ cond; highlighting in 1st 3 chapters 1591664217.   ISBN 1591664217   bookbliss  01/13
BJU Economics for Christian Schools, Grs. 9-12 -- $24 ppd. Nice. Hard bound, 99ed, Textbook, test & key included (good/fair c).   ISBN 0890845212   karenl  01/11
BJU Economics for Christian Schools, Grs. 9-12 -- $25 ppd. Nice. textbook, c99, #222091, pb.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
BJU Economics for Christian Schools -2pcs, Gr. 12 -- $60 ppd. Nice. ed3 set of 2: text 9781591664116 (P) ed3/c2017 (great+ .   ISBN 9781606828779   [more] bookbliss  01/13
BJU Economics for Christian Schools set -- $39 ppd. Nice. set of 2: text 222091 (P) c1999 1591664217; Teacher's Edition.   ISBN 0890845220   [more] bookbliss  01/13
BJU Economics Set of 4 Books -- $149 ppd. Nice. 3rd edition minor wear no writing, Text, TE, Test Key, Act Key.   loveteach4kids  02/04
BJU Economics Student Activites & Key, c95 -- $25 ppd. Nice. unused, 1st ed activity manual & key.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
Christian Liberty Press Honest Money & How We Live -- $9 ppd. Good. set of two books about Economics no writing normal use wear.   loveteach4kids  02/06
Economics for Everybody RC Sproul Jr., Grs. 9-12 -- $18. Nice. Includes Study Guide and 2 DVDs. No writing in book. .   asliceofhomeschoolpie  01/17
Economics for Everybody Study Guide, Grs. 6-12 -- $7 ppd. Nice. Applying Biblical Principles to Work, Wealth & World, by Sproul.   ISBN 9781567693133   mocaismama  01/03
Economics in One Lesson , Grs. 9-12 -- $10 ppd. New. written by Henry Hazlitt.   ISBN 9780517548233   caddo5  01/22
Every Single Cent: Financial Guide for -- $6. New. Single Adults (Workbook) by Larry Burkett.   ISBN 9781564270641   luke15:10  01/16
Exploring Economics , Grs. 9-12 -- $36 ppd. Nice. Notgrass Textc2009, Stewardship of God's Riches, Quiz Exam, Key.   ISBN 9781933410975   [more] lasmorin  02/08
Family Financial Workbook: A Family -- $4. New. Budgeting Guide by Larry Burkett. 138 p pb Budget wksheets/tips.   ISBN 0802414788   luke15:10  01/16
Foundations Personal Fin./Dave Ramsey, Grs. 9-12 -- $55 ppd. Nice. Complete set ex cond:6 CDs w/lesson plans, answer keys & more. .   ISBN 9781936948185   [more] caddo5  01/24
Generation Change Series 3 Home Study, Grs. 9-12 -- $15 ppd. Nice. Dave Ramseys Life & Money Plans for Teens Box Set Complete with.   [more] idahomom123  01/16
Great Money Making Ideas (for kids!), Grs. K-8 -- $3. New. 32 p pb Entreprenurial business ideas 4 kids to Get Rich Quick.   ISBN 9781846667787   luke15:10  01/16
Kids&Money , Grs. K-8 -- $7 ppd. Nice. M. Searls, parents guide teach money management& business basic.   ISBN 0964826585   karenl  01/04
Lessons for the Young Economist -- $20 ppd. Nice. student textbook, hardback, no writing, by Murphy.   loveteach4kids  02/06
Managing Money Practical life skills s, Grs. 6-12 -- $10 ppd. New.   ISBN 9781773448114   reneek  01/04
Math-U-See Stewardship, Grs. 9-12 -- $15 ppd. Nice. DVD set only 2 disc, 2010 edition.   ISBN 9781608260386   karenl  01/04
Math-U-See Stewardship set, Grs. 9-12 -- $50 ppd. Nice. Instruction man. 2 DVD, biblical foundation, Test booklet+ sol. .   ISBN 9781608260522   karenl  01/04
Memoria Press Latina Chrisitiana set -- $30 ppd. Nice. Book I audio CD, 5 DVDs Teacher's Man, updated third edition.   loveteach4kids  02/06
Memoria Press Latina Christiana DVDs -- $18 ppd. Good. & CD Bk 1, first ed, orig case, few scratches tested & work.   ISBN 9781930953260   loveteach4kids  02/06
MFW Personal Finance set of two -- $12 ppd. Nice. Money Possessions & Eternity & Lesson Plans, no money matters.   loveteach4kids  02/06
Money Management, Bridges to Success, Grs. 6-12 -- $14 ppd. Nice. PSI Ass. Inc, Prentice Hall Life Skills Series act test text key.   ISBN 9780130820594   karenl  01/04
Money Matters for Kids - Larry Burkett -- $4. Nice. No marking. Biblical financial principles w/ Fun/jokes/puzzles. .   ISBN 0802446353   tjoyotlims  01/08
Money Matters for teens workbook, Grs. 6-8 -- $7 ppd. Nice. Moody Press, Larry Burkett. Teaching wise money usage.   ISBN 9780802463456   karenl  01/04
Money Matters for Teens set , Grs. 9-12 -- $18 ppd. Nice. Money Matters for Teens Book and Workbook age 15-18 edition.   reneek  01/04
Money Matters: Family Night Tool Chest, Grs. 6-12 -- $5. Nice. 124 p pb Workbk by Larry Burkett's Heritage Builders. No marks.   ISBN 1564767361   luke15:10  01/16
Money, Greed and God - Why Capitalism -- $8 ppd. Nice. is the Solution . . . by Richards, no writing, minimal wear.   loveteach4kids  02/06
Notgrass-Exploring Economics -- $20 ppd. Nice. Copyright 2009. Only a few known places of writing. .   ISBN 9781933410975   jesusourking10  01/07
Quick Cash for Teens -- $5. Nice. provides smart strategies for earning big bucks, with step-by-.   [more] barbara_in_nh  01/25
Rod and Staff Budgeting Made Simple Set -- $20 ppd. Nice. Binder with Workbook and Kingdom Focused Finances book.   loveteach4kids  01/18
Solving the Money Mystery , Grs. 9-12 -- $12 ppd. Nice. A Blue Stocking Guide by Kathryn Daniels.   marina  01/16
Steck Vaughn Financial Math 1&2 -- $18 ppd. Nice. 2 wkbks, no writing, basic consumer econ-taxes/investing/insur.   kurriculumkorner  02/02
The Kids' Money Book by Neale Godfrey, Gr. K5 -- $10 ppd. Nice. basic understanding/knowledge of money/banking/economy.   ISBN 0590463853   hudsonhomeschool  12/22
Whatever Happened to Penny Candy, Grs. 6-12 -- $18 ppd. Good. Maybury e5 c2004 & Bluestocking Press Economics Guide, Williams.   ISBN 0942617525   lasmorin  02/08
Whatever Happened to Penny Candy Set, Grs. 6-12 -- $25 ppd. Nice. with workbook: Bluestocking Guide: Economics. 2 books bundle. .   ISBN 9780942617641   tjoyotlims  01/08
World of Money Small Cash Box -- $4. Nice. in original box with keys and combination lock. Great for.   [more] barbara_in_nh  01/25
You, the Buyer (Consumer-Life Skills), Grs. 6-12 -- $10. Nice. 120 p pb textbook/workbook 2nd ed. c1984 No writing. .   ISBN 0870659448   luke15:10  01/16

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