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CAP God's Great Covenant NT2. teacher. cintinative  03/31
Charlotte Mason Companion. good condition, minor highlights and notes, < $12ppd. kurriculumkorner  04/11
Christian Light (CLE) Perspectives in Truth Lit II. Grade 11-12. raisethemup  04/16
Christian Liberty Press Nature Readers (Books 1, 4, & 5). . luv_dovey  04/15
Christian Liberty Press Streams of Civilization Volume 1. . homeschoolmomof2  03/14
Classical Conversations Timeline Cards. complete set. gem861  04/17
Classical Conversations New World Time Line Cards. . abc123doremi  01/14
Classical Conversations Modern Era Time Line Cards. . abc123doremi  01/14
Classical Conversations Essentials guide. condition doesn't matter - just need it for a reference. barracca  01/02
Compass Classroom American History DVD. Dave Raymond Moderinty DVD. jezzxlou  03/02
Concepts and Challenges book 2. . mommyjohnston  04/17
Cornerstone Starting Points. worldview syllabus. ruralfamily5  03/14
Cover Story Writing. Consumables only. chickadee3  04/03
Cover Story Student Kit. Student Book + The Remarkable Journal of Professor Gunther. bookbliss  04/02
Creation to Christ notebook pages. Heart of Dakota can be slightly used. 12-4him  03/17
Creative Adventures in Writing. by Bonita Lillie. saved1112  02/26
Critical Thinking us history detective. book 1. mamato3girls  04/09
Critical Thinking U.S. History Detective Book 1 and 2. . dands  03/14
D'Aulaires Greek Myths Memoria Press Student Guide. . saved1112  03/31
D'Aulaires Book of Greek Myths. ISBN: 9780440406945. saved1112  02/26
D'Aulaires Greek Myths Memoria Press Lesson Plans. . saved1112  02/26
D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths. audio book on cd. dands  03/14
D'Aulaires' Leif the Lucky. . dands  03/14
D.I.M.E Blocks Set (Already have the both books). Foam blocks by Spectrum Educational Supplies. budikboys  04/02
Daily Grammar Practice 2. Teacher book. psalmofpraise  03/28
Daniel Teen Inductive Bible Study. . missbox  03/06
DanielBoone Season 6 DVD set. Season 6 (also want Davey Crocket DVD). bookbliss  04/02
Dave Ramsey Homeschooling Kits. Looking for middle school, HS kits and Generation Change stu. summerfields  02/21
David Carr Glover piano books. I prefer the old ones. level 2. organizedfly  01/24
Dolciani Pre-algebra and Algebra. from 1960's with teacher/answer key. xapis10  03/18
Dorling Kindersley DK Smithsonian Handbooks (flex-binding). Herbs, Trees, others...looking to buy in bulk. bookbliss  04/02
Drive Thru History Columbus to Constitution. DVD curriculum and study guide. vickylynn  04/11
Early Times: history books current.. by Wayside Publishing. dands  03/14
Easy Grammar grades 2, 5 and 8(ultimate). . shiloh  04/13
Easy Grammar Plus Student Workbook (no answers). . saved1112  03/23
Elemental Science Biology for the Logic Stage. Teacher's Guide / student guide. arfreeman  02/19
Elemental Science Biology for the Grammar Stage. Teacher's Guide / student guide. arfreeman  02/19
English from the Roots Up Volume 2 - book & cards. . saved1112  02/26
Essentials in Writing - complete Level 6, Level 7. . cbklope  04/13
Essentials in Writing Level 5 workbook. workbook only. cbklope  04/12
Essentials in Writing Level 9. . wendymilot  01/11
Exodus: A Commentary for Children, ed2 0972304614. . bookbliss  04/02
Explode the Code A-C or set. . jennyrriley  02/11
Exploring World History, Part 2 (Notgrass). Looking for Part 2 Text and ''In Their Words'' 2014 edition.. wermyers1  04/05
Exploring Creation with Anatomy notebook journal. less than the 18.90 that I can purchase it for new. 12-4him  03/17
Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics. Notebook journal only-less than 19; I can purchase new at 19. 12-4him  03/17
FIAR Volume 4. No writing, $35ppd is max budget. kurriculumkorner  04/11
Five in a Row Vol 1. any edition, $20 ppd max budget, no writing, good condition. kurriculumkorner  04/04
Five-In-A-Row Vol. 2 and 3. . jennyrriley  02/11
Flyleaf Publishing books. . dawntacker  02/28
Foundations in Personal Finance for Homeschool. looking for most recent edition/set.. blessed3x  01/07
Friendly Chemistry - current edition set. . saved1112  02/26
Frontier Living. by Tunis. xapis10  03/18
Fun Foundations in Writing. by Bonita Lillie. saved1112  02/26
Galapagos Islands: A Different View. by Georgia Purdom; Hardback ISBN: 9780890517819. bookbliss  04/02
Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists. . dands  03/14
Getting to Know the World's Greatest Composers. . dands  03/14
Good and The Beautiful lvl 1 Coursebook. Prefer new or very slightly used.. colomama  04/08
Good and The Beautiful lvl 1 Reader. $10ppd. colomama  04/08
Grand Strategy of the Roman Empire. from the First Century A.D. To the Third by Edward N. Luttwa. xapis10  03/18
Guest Hollow's Chemistry in the Kitchen. Specific books, if you have any, please let me know! :). chickadee3  04/05
Handwriting Without Tears. Prek & kindergarten levels. Also any hands on material.. czsdmtcdit  02/24
Heart of Dakota HOD Creation to Christ books. . dalerose  04/12
Heart of Dakota US History 1 manual only. . 12-4him  03/17
Hewitt One of the Few. Health curriculum for high school girls. segue  04/04
High Noon Books. . dawntacker  02/28
High School Journalism by Homer Hall. teacher guide only please. saved1112  02/26
History Odyssey Ancients Level 1 and or 2. . momto3hs  04/16
History Odyessy Middle Ages Level 2. . arfreeman  02/19
History Odyessy Ancients Level 1. . arfreeman  02/19
HOD Hearts for Him Through Time World History. any or all packages/books except for math. prairie10  01/15
HOD-Drawn into the Heart of Reading. Teacher's Guide, Student book 4/5, Student book 6/7/8. arfreeman  02/19
Holly Webb animal books. I have 9 already, but there are 20 more I need... $2 each. campdigjen  03/21
IEW Fix it! Grammar The nose tree book 1. student book only. gateacher1230  04/10
IEW Speech Boot Camp DvDs. . vsgfoster  03/28
IEW Phonetic Zoo level A. Would like to buy level A materials.. rbledsoe  03/16
IEW Fix It Grammar All TEs. . jrudzek  02/03
Illuminating Literature Characters in Crisis. Teacher Guide and/or Student Text in nice condition. cynthiac.  04/07
Illuminating Literature When Worlds Collide. Teacher Guide and/or Student Text in nice condition. cynthiac.  04/07
Introduction to Literature by Janice Campbell. This is the first book of Excellence in Literature. Thanks!. athomemama  04/15
Jack Kris Publishing - Need all Grade 5. Soaring w/Spelling, Growing w/Grammar, Winning w/Writing. sgtdecker1  02/16
Junior Analytical Grammar dvd Set. Need JAG Companion DVD Set. savmom  03/09
Latin Road to English Volume 2 and/or 3. Any/all Vol 2 & 3 items for a good price. Sets preferred.. ukenosa  03/01
Latin Alive 1 DVDs (Classical Academic Press). . amymd  01/02
Latina Christiana I Memoria Press. Student workbook, third edition.. wiesefamilie  02/05
Learning Through History Magazine. Ancient China hardcopy no cd-rom. dands  03/14
Life of Fred Complete Elementary Series. WTB used. lwilson4  04/08
life of Fred chemistry. . mamato3girls  03/26
Life of Fred,Zillions of Practice Decimals/Percent. clean. mommyjohnston  02/27
Life of Fred - Advanced Algebra w/zillions. . jeshot5  02/01
Life of Fred Australia. <$12 ppd. lize  01/04
Lingua Latina: Familia Romana hardcover. color edition and other components. dands  03/14
Logic of English Foundations B (cursive). Textbook, workbook, and readers. gem861  04/17
Logic of English Foundations A. Looking for Manual, Student book and reusable resource kit. ericapruett50  03/13
Looking for secular curriculum. 6th grade, preferably parent and student set. courtney115  12/20
Lost Tools of Writing Level 1 Student Workbook. . nickie  03/14
Manners Made Easy for the Family: 365 Timeless. ISBN-13: 978-0805447415. beeschool  04/17
Marie's words. sat vocab flash cards. harleyq  03/01
Master Books: Wonders of Creation. Ecology & Cave books / poster included please -as applicable. bookbliss  04/02
Masterbooks The Stargazer's Guide to the Night Sky. Textbook by Dr. Jason Lisle. curt  01/12
Math Lessons for a Living Education. Level 4 in very good condition. colomama  04/17
Math u see Delta. . sed426  01/19
Math-U-See Kindergarten Materials. need blocks, teacher and student books, current, no writing. kurriculumkorner  04/11
Math-U-See Beta. Student text, teacher's manual and DVD are needed. ak_homesteaders  04/10
Math-U-See primer student workbook. clean no writing. story  03/22
Math-U-See Algebra 1. WTB manual and DVD.. inchristalone05  03/19
Math-U-See Integer Block Set / Manipulatives. . czsdmtcdit  02/24
Math-U-See Primer Student Workbook. Unused. czsdmtcdit  02/24
Math-U-See Epsilon 2012 workbook and/or DVD. . zaoujazeku  02/18
Math-U-See Primer, Alpha, Beta, Gamma. Needing the first 4 levels of Math-U-See. sabcsemom  01/18
Math-U-See Geometry. full set, DVD, teacher, Student, test, for under $45. mom4321  01/14
Math-U-See Fraction Overlays. . wshark  01/01
MCT Building Language:. c2016 editions Student Book and Teacher. dands  03/14
MCT Caesar's English I: c 4/2016. Classical Education Color Edition: Student and teacher. dands  03/14
Memoria Press. Classical Rhetoric Text and DVD Set. dands  03/14
Memoria Press Divine Comedy TG. Teacher Guide in nice to exc condition. cynthiac.  03/06
Memoria Presss Pride and Prejudice Teacher Guide. nice to exc condition. cynthiac.  02/24
Memoria Press Canterbury Tales TG. Teacher guide in nice to exc condition. cynthiac.  02/24
Memoria Press To Kill a Mockingbird TG. Teacher Guide in nice to exc condition. cynthiac.  02/24
MFW 1850 to Modern Times. Would like the current TM and at least part of basic pkg. kricket17  02/28
MFW AHL Ancient History timeline book. My Father's World high school. missbox  03/06
MFW Music CD Set Rome to the Reformation. . rrfan01  04/18
Michael Clay Thompson Grammar Town/Paragraph town. . rbledsoe  02/17
Miquon . All levels plus annotations, notes, and diary.. tld3  02/24
Mission to Modern marvels student pages. can be used if all pages are there. 12-4him  03/17
Modern Curric. Press Spelling Workout G. student book. saved1112  02/26
Modern Curric. Press Spelling Workout H. student book. saved1112  02/26
Mr. Wizard's World Vol. 10 DVD. . bookbliss  04/02
Mummy Math by Learning Resources. An older game for addition/subtraction,not the geometry game. malia  02/04
My Father's World Ancient History & Literature. Daily Plans and/or sets. kylu  03/20
My Father's World Exploring Countries and Cultures. MFW ECC Teachers Manuel only. tnmom2boys  03/06
My Father's World kindergarten deluxe. . tarasc  02/16
My Fathers World Exploring Countries and Cultures. 3rd-8th grade latest edition in great condition or like new.. cbeachgrl3  02/19
Mystery of History, Volume 3. by Linda Harbor, ISBN 9781892427083. rgr  04/11
Mystery of History Volume 3 audio CDs. . zeb100  02/16
Mystery of History. . wendymilot  01/11

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