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Curriculum Wanted, 3 to 8 days old

Most homeschoolers are honest, but your comfort with the buyer should be proportional to size of the transaction. Study their reputation and length of registration (on their page), then communicate as needed. Check for common scams and banned users before sending money or merchandise. Click the username in the listing to see the person's complete list of sale and wanted items and their contact information. Register here in less than 30 seconds to list "Wanted" and "For sale" items for free.

10 Tips on How NOT to Talk to Your Kids about Sex. Audrey Werner. bookbliss  07/17
A Beka Basic Mathematics 7 Student Worktext. 4th edition. Item # 148407. pwooden  07/14
A Beka Basic Phonics Readers. #101109. w4lucy  07/15
A Beka Bible Kits, Grades: K5, 3, 5, and 6. Trying to gather full grade kits or a good majority.. christledhomeschooler  07/18
A Beka Grade 3 Student and/or Answer Keys. Latest editions only, please.. christledhomeschooler  07/18
A Beka Grade 5 Student and/or Answer Keys. Latest editions only, please.. christledhomeschooler  07/18
A Beka Grade 6 Student and/or Answer Keys. Latest editions only, please.. christledhomeschooler  07/18
A Beka Grade K5 Student and/or Answer Keys. Latest editions only, please.. christledhomeschooler  07/18
A Beka Homeschool Science and Health Curriculum 6. Teacher Manuel. bbriscoe  07/16
A Beka Letters and Sounds K5. . w4lucy  07/15
A Beka Social Studies K5. #100889. w4lucy  07/15
A Beka Student Geography Maps and Reviews Book. #113077. w4lucy  07/15
A Beka The History of our United States. #108626. w4lucy  07/15
A Beka Writing and Phonics K5 Cursive. #99465. w4lucy  07/15
All About Reading Level 1 Activity Book. . maryp  07/18
All About Reading Level 2, Teacher's Manual. . 3littlegirlsmama  07/18
All About Reading level 3. . hiker1880  07/16
All About Reading-pre-reading level. I would like to buy the whole package, if available. alisab  07/16
All About Spelling level 3. . mpa  07/14
Alpha Omega Horizons Math 4 Workbooks. I'm looking for one or both workbooks. Party used is ok.. manyblessings  07/18
Answers to Exercises for Jacob's Geometry 3rd. . nicnjames  07/14
Answers in Genesis God's Design Science 2016. . schaefers4him  07/18
Apologia Astronomy Notebook Journal. #978-1-940110-75-2 Need latest edition, unused/like new. w4lucy  07/15
Apologia Exploring Creation with Astronomy. need latest edition. w4lucy  07/15
Apologia Physical Science. 9th grade. Student Textbook, tests and solutions. Clean. jmwells  07/15
Apologia Young Explorers chemistry/physics text k-6. . jenanne  07/15
Apologia Zoology 3 junior notebook. . acornacademy4boys  07/14
Apologia zoology 3 notebook. . acornacademy4boys  07/14
Artistic Pursuits Sr High Book 2. color and composition book. tabbyrt  07/18
BJU Bible Truths level C student worktext. . wilma  07/13
BJU Reading 2. 3rd Edition or 4th. acornacademy4boys  07/14
Chalkdust Algebra I Student Text 2nd Edition. . d376  07/15
Classical Conversations Challenge 3 Guide. Looking for a Challenge 3 Guide from the last 2 years.. nikibarber  07/18
Columbus by Beautiful Feet Books. . fiveolivetrees  07/17
Cover Story Student Kit. Student Book + The Remarkable Journal of Professor Gunther. bookbliss  07/17
DanielBoone Season 6 DVD set. Season 6 (also want Davey Crocket DVD). bookbliss  07/17
Drawing Textbook. by Bruce McIntyre. hiker1880  07/16
Easy Grammar Easy Grammar Plus Student Workbook. ISBN: 9780936981147. pwooden  07/14
Easy Grammar Grade 4 (Student Workbook). #475 like new/unused. w4lucy  07/15
Galapagos Islands: A Different View. by Georgia Purdom; Hardback ISBN: 9780890517819. bookbliss  07/17
Geometry: Seeing, Doing, Understanding 3rd editio. . nicnjames  07/14
Growing with Grammar 4 Workbook. . ajvarnado  07/17
Heart Of Dakota AH1. Looking for the Guide + Economy set. fiveolivetrees  07/14
Heart of Dakota Mission to Modern Marvels. Need Guide only.. fiveolivetrees  07/17
Heart of Wisdom by robin Sampson. . jkandrews  07/18
IEW SWI Continuation Course Level B Student Packet. . jujumps  07/15
IEW SWI Continuation Course Level B Teacher's Manual. . jujumps  07/15
Junior Analytical Grammar dvd Set. Need JAG Companion DVD Set. savmom  07/14
Junior Analytical Grammar Student book and. Mechanics DVD Set. chicken  07/18
Key To Algebra. Answers and Notes key for book 8-10. Just answer key. momto3hs  07/16
Math-U-See Any. 5th Grade. zonefaze  07/17
Math-U-See Epsilon student workbook. . hiker1880  07/16
Math-U-See Gamma DVD. . hiker1880  07/17
Math-U-See Gamma student workbook. . hiker1880  07/16
MCT Search Trilogy. Michael Clay Thompson's trilogy & parent manual. domestic_engineer  07/15
MFW Saxon Algebra 2 lesson plans. . lv2bmommy  07/15
MFW Voyage to Discovery. I am mostly looking for the manual, possibly the set. rendergrace  07/15
Miles to go for Freedom. . 12-4him  07/18
Mr. Wizard's World Vol. 10 DVD. . bookbliss  07/17
Never Before in History. . 12-4him  07/18
Nothing New Press, The Story of Ancient World. H. A. Guerber, ed. Christine Miller. psalmofpraise  07/15
Out to Canaan by Jan Karon, John Mcdonough. Looking for unabridged Audio CD set only. southernmrs  07/13
Right Choices-Kenneth Taylor Tyndale Kids. ISBN: 978-0842352994. laurieinoh  07/16
Sammy and His Shepherd. by Susan Hunt, 2008 Reformation Trust Publishing. southernmrs  07/13
School of Tomorrow A.C.E. Math 1061-1072 Score Keys. . myonlysunshine  07/17
Science in the Age of Reason. Dr Jay Wile. ISO good used copy :). nikki.n  07/18
Science in the Age of Reason, Helps & Hints. Dr Jay Wile. ISO good used copy :). nikki.n  07/13
Secrets of Mary's Bookshop series. by Guideposts. I'm looking for the hardcovers for $1 each. southernmrs  07/13
Singapore Earlybird Kindergarten Math Standard Edition. Textbook A and B, Activity Book A and B. w4lucy  07/15
Singapore Primary Math Textbook 4A U.S. EDITION. . w4lucy  07/15
Singapore Primary Math Textbook 4B U.S. EDITION. . w4lucy  07/15
Singapore Primary Math Workbook 4A U.S. EDITION. . w4lucy  07/15
Singapore Primary Math Workbook 4B U.S. EDITION. #9789810185091. w4lucy  07/15
Sonlight American History Core D with IG and books. . jenanne  07/15
Sonlight Science C with IG, worksheets, and books. . jenanne  07/15
Spanish for Children Primer A CD. would like CD. DVD or answer key a bonus. tabbyrt  07/18
Spelling You See American Spirit student workbooks. . hiker1880  07/16
Strengths Finders 2.0 by Tom Rath. w/online test code unused. barbara_in_nh  07/16
Teaching Textbooks Geometry. Disc set only, ed.2.0, automated grading. lindascheer  07/13
Teaching Textbooks Geometry CD-ROM. version 2.0 automated grading. mislibros  07/13
The Five Love Languages of Teenagers Audio CD. 978-1598593938; Oasis Audio; Unabridged edition. southernmrs  07/13
The Founding of a Nation. . 12-4him  07/18
The Sex Ed Series by Intoxicated on Life. Book 1: The Talk; Book 2: Changes; Book 3: Relationships. ??. bookbliss  07/17
Total Language Plus Pippi Longstocking (novel & st. . w4lucy  07/15
Total Language Plus, Charlotte's Web Study Guide. . cferchhikergirl  07/14
Total Language Plus, My Side of the Mountain S. G.. . cferchhikergirl  07/14
Total Language Plus, The Light in the Forest S.G.. . cferchhikergirl  07/14
Visual Latin 2. . domestic_engineer  07/15
Winning with writing 4 (First Semester). . ajvarnado  07/17
Winter Promise Human Body & Forensics 4-6. WinterPromise Instructor Guide for Human Body/Forensics. savmom  07/14
Winter Promise Rock Around the Earth IG. Need prev guide that plans Ring of Fire cd's WinterPromise. savmom  07/14
Wordly Wise 4. #7604. w4lucy  07/15
Words are Wonderful. Looking for workbooks A and 1 and tm.. knit7  07/13

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