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Curriculum Wanted, 3 to 8 days old

Most homeschoolers are honest, but your comfort with the buyer should be proportional to size of the transaction. Study their reputation and length of registration (on their page), then communicate as needed. Check for common scams and banned users before sending money or merchandise. Click the username in the listing to see the person's complete list of sale and wanted items and their contact information. Register here in less than 30 seconds to list "Wanted" and "For sale" items for free.

A Beka Homeschool Geography Teaching Maps. . xapis10  03/23
A Beka Readers by Matilda Nordtvedt. books by this author (4th grade and older). xapis10  03/23
A Beka Uncle Bob DVD's. . xapis10  03/23
A Beka Understanding God's World Quiz book. Looking for quiz book and quiz key. xapis10  03/23
A Beka US Heritage of Freedom Teacher Manual. Must be 3rd ed, excellent condition, 11th grade. kurriculumkorner  03/23
All About Reading 3. TM and readers. aboard  03/22
All About Reading Level 1. looking for readers vol 1-3 in level 1. abc123doremi  03/23
All About Spelling 7. . hilltop568  03/21
All AboutSpelling level 5. . dands  03/22
Apologia Physics Audio CD. ed2. bluebonnet  03/24
Apologia Zoology 3 junior notebook. . acornacademy4boys  03/22
Apologia zoology 3 notebook. . acornacademy4boys  03/22
Artistic Pursuits High School. 2013 Ed. Books 1 and/or 2. sltress  03/20
Beyond Numbers by K. Loop. . xapis10  03/23
BJU American Literature TE. 2nd edition. tammieb  03/22
BJU American Republic TE. 3rd edition. tammieb  03/22
BJU Biology TE. 4th edition. tammieb  03/22
BJU Elements of Literature TE. 2nd edition. tammieb  03/22
BJU phonics review student edition. interested in trading for this. xapis10  03/23
BJU Reading 2. 3rd Edition or 4th. acornacademy4boys  03/22
BJU Reading 4. 2nd Edition Student Worktext. acornacademy4boys  03/23
BJU Writing & Grammar 10 TE. 4th edition. tammieb  03/22
Christian Liberty Press Math. probably 3 and up, interested in trade. xapis10  03/23
Classical Converstations. Time Line Cards, Acts and Facts cards. abc123doremi  03/23
Critical Thinking U.S. History Detective Vol 2. . hebandgene  03/22
Dolciani Pre-algebra and Algebra. from 1960's with teacher/answer key. xapis10  03/23
Eric Liddell. books or media about Eric Liddell. xapis10  03/23
Essentials in Writing. Level 5 2ndE, level 8 student book. momto3hs  03/21
Essentials in writing 5. workbook and cds, second edition.. zmommi02  03/20
Essentials in Writing 6. . hilltop568  03/21
Exploring the World of Mathematics. . xapis10  03/23
Grand Strategy of the Roman Empire. from the First Century A.D. To the Third by Edward N. Luttwa. xapis10  03/23
Handbook of Horses. used in BF History of horse study. kurriculumkorner  03/23
Houghton Mifflin Math in Focus 2A & 2B. TM, Student textbooks, Workbooks. aboard  03/22
Houghton Mifflin Math in Focus 4A & 4B. TM, Student textbooks, Workbooks. aboard  03/22
IEW Continuation Course B. reasonably priced. hebandgene  03/22
Luke Reports Vols 2 + 3. Focus on the Family radio drama on audio CD. bnbacademy  03/25
Mastering Algebra John Saxon's Way. Algebra 2 DVDs by Art Reed. hebandgene  03/22
Math-U-See Beta. teacher's book and unused student materials (I have blocks). abc123doremi  03/23
Math-U-See Blocks. I need a set of integer blocks inexpensively. thank you. mnllj7  03/24
MFW - Exploring Countries and Cultures. All Curriculum in the Basic Package + The Readers in Deluxe. rendergrace  03/23
MFW Learning God's Story. . momof4_2468  03/23
My Fathers World Exploration to 1850 teacher guide. . brina  03/20
Notgrass Exploring America Vol II. copyright date 2014 No writing. dianeh  03/22
Our Mother Tongue. Interested to trade for this. xapis10  03/23
Quest-Faith at work. . 12-4him  03/20
Revealing Arithmetic. . xapis10  03/23
Rod and Staff Language Lessons For Today Grade 3. . momof4_2468  03/23
Saxon math 4th grade 3rd edition. . brina  03/20
Scarecrow & Mrs. King Series on DVD. Season 3 or later. barbara_in_nh  03/24
Singapore 3b textbook. . xapis10  03/23
Smarr Publishers World Literature course. Looking for this set either printed version or cd version. lillybell  03/24
Song School Latin 2. DVD and workbook. aboard  03/22
Sonlight Core F Eastern Hemisphere. Looking for either IG or whole core, 2014 ed. or newer. gallred1  03/25
Spelling You See G. ISO 1 Instructor's Handbook and 2 Student workbooks. txmilwife  03/23
Teaching Textbooks TT Math 6, 7, 8. . rendergrace  03/23
The Student Lab Report Handbook-2nd Ed.. . homemom  03/22
Words are Wonderful. Looking for workbooks A and 1 and tm.. knit7  03/25
Writing and Rhetoric books 1& 2. . rbledsoe  03/22

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