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Curriculum For Sale, Grade K

Most homeschoolers are honest, but your comfort with the seller should be proportional to the payment you are sending. Study their reputation and length of registration (on their page), then communicate as needed. Check for common scams and banned users before sending money or merchandise. Click the membername in the listing to see the person's complete list of sale and wanted items and their contact information. Postage is additional, unless price is followed by "ppd" (postage paid to US). Register here in less than 30 seconds to list "Wanted" and "For sale" items for free. Condition descriptions are New, Nice, Good, Fair, and Worn (narrowly defined here, with some listing abbreviations). If condition is critical, confirm it before purchase.

A Beka Academy Kindergarten Progress Reports, Gr. K -- $5 ppd. Nice. cover wear only, never used. 6 periodic reports. #83038009.   susie_r  03/28
A Beka Art Projects Student Booklet, Gr. K -- $10 ppd. Good. c1987 prior ed in good+ unused cond but slightly aged #KAP. .   bookbliss  04/02
A Beka Basic Readers & Blend Book, Gr. K -- $15 ppd. Good. My Blend & word book, I learn/do/read sets =13 books, c1995.   azmtnmama  04/06
A Beka God's World, Gr. K -- $8 ppd. Good. e3, c1995.   jvoganfam  03/18
A Beka God's World 3rd edition Student Text, Gr. K -- $8 ppd. Good. 6 pgs neatly marked; clean and tight. A Beka number 54348.   susie_r  03/28
A Beka Kindergarten Writing Tablet, Gr. K -- $2. New. $2 if bought w/ other items. Otherwise add shipping..   [more] better  04/13
A Beka Learning Games/Teaching Tips, Gr. K -- $10 ppd. Nice. Home School Edition, c 1995.   pastorswife02  03/12
A Beka Letters and Sound K Teacher Key, Gr. K -- $6 ppd. New. Letters and Sound K Teacher Key New c1994.   reneek  03/21
A Beka My Blend and Word Book, Gr. K -- $4 ppd. Nice. It has a name written on the front. .   boysmom  03/21
A Beka Number Skills Arithmetic K Teacher Key, Gr. K -- $15 ppd. New. Teacher Key, c. 1995.   pastorswife02  03/12
A Beka Place Value Concept Cards, Gr. K -- $10 ppd. Nice. Complete set no cards missing.   jones  03/28
A Beka Readiness Skills K Teacher Key, Gr. K -- $7 ppd. Nice. Abeka Readiness Skills K Teacher Key c1995.   reneek  03/21
A Beka Strong and True (Reader), Gr. K -- $9 ppd. Nice.   better  04/13
A Reason for Handwriting workbook K, Gr. K -- $9 ppd. Good. odd pgs through p83 have pencil, no writing even pgs of 144 pgs.   ISBN 0936785373   bookbliss  04/02
A to Z Sound-O , Gr. K -- $5 ppd. Nice. Round container of discs and letter cards.   scolegrove  04/15
Abacus Tiles-paper , Gr. K -- $5 ppd. New. 11 blue and white paper tiles. Pic upon request.   scolegrove  04/15
ABC's with Ace and Christie , Gr. K -- $100 ppd. Nice. Teacher Manual in 2 3-ring binders, CD, flash cards, coloring.   lydiac  02/23
Activity Books for PK-K , Gr. K -- $4. Nice. Price is for the set of 4 activity books. Full description:.   [more] twojugglers  04/16
All Aboard TE and workbook 2nd edition, Gr. K -- $20 ppd. Nice. SSRW Teacher's Manual-nice and workbook 1/2 written; good cover.   susie_r  03/28
All About reading 1 reader-run bug run, Gr. K -- $6 ppd. New. compilation of short easy to read stories(Run bug Run)book only.   shellwest4  04/13
All About Reading Deluxe Kit , Gr. K -- $68 ppd. Nice. All About Reading, Level 1, Second Edition, Deluxe Kit.   sorndorff  04/09
Alpha Omega Horizons Health Kindergarten Set, Gr. K -- $18 ppd. Good. TG & Student Wkbk; All pages clean/nice; Covers have shelf wear. .   ISBN 9780740315053   mirandashome  04/17
Alpha Omega Horizons Math K Teacher Guide, Gr. K -- $20 ppd. Nice.   ISBN 9780740303111   northland_homeschool  03/07
Alpha Omega Horizons Math Teacher's Guide, Gr. K -- $21 ppd. Nice. current, minimal wear, no writing, balloons on cover.   kurriculumkorner  04/11
Alpha Omega Horizons Mathematics Teacher Guide, Gr. K -- $20 ppd. Good. normal use minimal wear, few stray pencil marks new $39.5.   loveteach4kids  04/15
Alpha Omega Horizons Phonics & Reading set of 2, Gr. K -- $11 ppd. Nice. Teacher's Guides 1 & 2.   loveteach4kids  04/15
Alpha Omega Horizons Phonics and Reading K TG 1-4, Gr. K -- $20 ppd. New. Not in original package. Includes 4 TG's.   ISBN 9780740301469   simpsonfam  04/07
Alpha Omega Lifepac math k teachers guide, Gr. K -- $12 ppd. Nice. Will bundle with the student part 2 workbook: $20 for both.   faithr  03/07
Alpha-Phonics , Gr. K -- $8 ppd. Good. A Primer for Beginning Readers by Samuel L. Blumenfeld.   [more] heaven  04/19
Artistic Pursuits , Gr. K -- $15 ppd. Nice. Grades k-3 book one, C2008.   sweetsuelv  04/17
Baby Lambs by Barry Stebbing , Gr. K -- $8 ppd. New. Art Lessons with 5 Marker Cards for Kindergarten.   tammyhoffman  04/14
Base 10 1cm. cubes (100) , Gr. K -- $5 ppd. Nice. Small blue 1cm. cubes used for Right Start Math. .   scolegrove  04/15
BJU Beginnings, Gr. K -- $115 ppd. New. Teacher Guides, Beginnings Workbook, Phonics Practice workbook.   homeschoolmom7  03/19
BJU Horizons Teacher's Guide, Gr. K -- $20 ppd. New.   ISBN 9780740303111   toshowfam6  03/06
BJU Music K Set, Gr. K -- $45 ppd. Good. Teacher, Worksheets, & CD's.   homeschoolbooks  04/03
Bob Books Wow! Set 1 Level C , Gr. K -- $8 ppd. Nice. Set of 8 books in box. Box worn, no writing. .   karjola  04/10
Calvert Complete core and math, Gr. K -- $500 ppd. New. 2 sets, great condition includes teacher manuals also and tests.   imoverthis  04/06
Calvert Complete core and math, Gr. K -- $300 ppd. Good. used a little, includes teacher manuals also and tests.   imoverthis  04/06
Calvert Partial spiral set of 2 consumables, Gr. K -- $25 ppd. New. Teacher Aids 228k010302P c2002; Sci Activity Pgs kSAP2010202P.   [more] bookbliss  04/02
Christ-Centered phonics Workbook A:2, Gr. K -- $7 ppd. Good.   [more] friendlyfamily8  03/27
Christian Liberty Press Adventures in Phonics A, Gr. K -- $10 ppd. Nice. Very nice condition, but writing on 8 pages.   pastorswife02  03/12
Christian Liberty Press Adventures in Phonics Level A TE, Gr. K -- $3. Nice. by Florence Lindstrom.   boysmom  03/21
Christian Liberty Press Christian Liberty Press Adventures in, Gr. K -- $5 ppd. Nice. Christian Liberty Press Adventures in Phonics Teach Manual A.   [more] rmellings  03/08
Christian Liberty Press Our Father's World, Gr. K -- $7 ppd. Nice.   faithr  03/07
Christian Liberty Press Studying God's Word, book A, Gr. K -- $7 ppd. Nice. Bible study workbook for young children, email for more info. .   woodward06  04/07
Colored 1'' math squares , Gr. K -- $8 ppd. Good. Multi colored flat squares. Math manipulatives.   scolegrove  04/15
Cornerstone Making Math Meaningful - Parent Guide, Gr. K -- $8. Nice. Level K Parent/Teacher Guide. less than half the new price. .   maryb  03/02
Critical Thinking Building Thinking Skills Primary, Gr. K -- $25 ppd. Nice. workbook and teachers manual - 2 books.   ISBN 0894553321   fletcher  03/26
Critical Thinking Hands-On Thinking Skills, Gr. K -- $12 ppd. New. Grades K-1, use with attribute blocks, patterns + interlocks.   ISBN 9781601445001   thelearningplace  03/30
Critical Thinking Mind Benders WarmUP, Gr. K -- $7 ppd. Nice. no writing, deductive thinking skills.   kurriculumkorner  04/11
Discover and Do DVD level K , Gr. K -- $8. Good. gently used. minor scratching.   momto3hs  04/03
Explode the Code Teacher's Guide, Gr. K -- $7 ppd. Nice. 2nd edition teacher's guide for books A, B, and C.   ISBN 9780838878224   ajegbert  04/05
Explode the Code Wall Chart & Book, Gr. K -- $43 ppd. Nice. Includes wall chart, 26 stuffed toys/animals, and activity book.   ajegbert  04/19
Explorer's Bible Study Beginnings 1, Gr. K -- $18 ppd. Nice. Old Testament lesson, c2002, no writing, good condition.   azmtnmama  04/06
Explorer's Bible Study Beginnings 2, Gr. K -- $18 ppd. Nice. New Testament lessons, c2006, no writing, good condition.   azmtnmama  04/06
Felt Fun the Magic of storytelling, Gr. K -- $10 ppd. Nice. felt projects then telling stories with them. .   ISBN 1574717227   christmassocks  03/30
Foundations Phonics , Gr. K -- $25 ppd. New. Brand new foundations Phonics from Master Books. .   mrsarnette  03/04
Getting Ready to Read , Gr. K -- $12 ppd. New. 5 Dev. levels of phonemic activities for the beginning reader.   melodys  02/28
Growing Growing strong , Gr. K -- $6 ppd. Nice. Great condition, no writing. Pics upon request.   mottoblasco  03/28
Handwriting Without Tears Kindergarten, Gr. K -- $12 ppd. Nice.   nicole1273  03/10
Harcourt Horizons, All About Me, Gr. K -- $15 ppd. Nice. Teacher's Edition, c2003, spiral bound.   ISBN 0153219548   summer44  03/04
Hewitt Tell Me a Story unit study, Gr. K -- $20 ppd. Good.   [more] segue  04/04
Hooked on Phonics Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read #1, Gr. K -- $15 ppd. New. Brand new in box.   ctjander  03/23
Hooked on Phonics Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read #2, Gr. K -- $15 ppd. New. Brand new in box.   ctjander  03/23
Hooked on Phonics Kindergarten Complete Set, Gr. K -- $30 ppd. Fair. Workbook, CDs, CD-ROM, 14 books, flash cards, parent's guide.   [more] splisch  04/09
Hooked on Spanish Boxed Set , Gr. K -- $20 ppd. Nice. Most unused, box shows shelf wear, unused wkbks, unused CD-ROM.   kurriculumkorner  04/11
Horizons Health TE and Student Workbk, Gr. K -- $14 ppd. Good. missing lesson 1, rest unused.   kurriculumkorner  04/11
Houghton Mifflin Handwriting Level A, Gr. K -- $10. New. teacher and student book, ball and stick handwriting.   dawn_gierman  03/24
Houghton Mifflin Math in Focus Teacher's Edition K-A&B, Gr. K -- $40. Nice. Spiral Bound, Includes Both Manuals for Kindergarten A & B.   clb  04/09
HWT Teacher's Guide & Overview TE, Gr. K -- $10. Nice. 94 p pb Handwriting Without Tears TE Guide. No writing.   ISBN 1891627074   luke15:10  04/10
IEW Primary Arts of Lang: Writing, Gr. K -- $15 ppd. Good. Teacher Manual.   sweetsuelv  04/17
Interlocking Base Ten - Starter Set, Gr. K -- $20 ppd. Nice. Includes cubes and activity book (never used).   bsdmcptd  03/21
Kindergarten Learning About God, Gr. K -- $5. Nice. L. 1 & 2 missing out of 35. Positive Action Bible Curriculum.   ISBN 1929784384   boysmom  03/21
Learn to Read Workbooks , Gr. K -- $24 ppd. Nice. unused workbook 2, 3, 4, 5- c98.   kurriculumkorner  04/11
Learning about God , Gr. K -- $22 ppd. Fair.   [more] mkelver  03/14
Letter Cluster Pick-A-Sound , Gr. K -- $5 ppd. Nice. Cards in round container.   scolegrove  04/15
Letter Cluster Sound-O , Gr. K -- $5 ppd. Nice. Discs and small cards in round container.   scolegrove  04/15
Listen and Write Universal Set Book A, Gr. K -- $29. Nice. Spelling You See Instructor's Handbook and Student Workbook. .   [more] hishands  04/07
Little Hands To Heaven HOD , Gr. K -- $120 ppd. Good. Everything you need plus extras email me for list.   mrsarnette  03/04
Little Hearts for His Glory , Gr. K -- $25 ppd. Nice. An early learning program for ages 5-7, spiral bound with cover.   pastorswife02  03/12
Logico Card Set C , Gr. K -- $7 ppd. Nice. ages 5-6, Logiclo Board not included , 60 cards- math/read.   kurriculumkorner  04/11
Making Math Meaningful Level K Parent, Gr. K -- $9 ppd. Nice. Guide new $20 crease on corner, no writing.   loveteach4kids  04/15
Math in Focus TE, KA & KB , Gr. K -- $20 ppd. Nice. Like New.   kristenblack  03/03
Math-U-See Introduction to Mathematics TM, Gr. K -- $17 ppd. Nice. Teacher Manual c1996 [Plastic Comb], by Demme. Out of print. .   [more] bookbliss  04/02
Math-U-See Primer: teacher, DVD & student, Gr. K -- $30 ppd. Good. Pages removed from student text but no writing.   mottoblasco  03/28
McGraw-Hill, Timelinks, Hello, World!, Gr. K -- $10 ppd. New. Teacher's Edition, c2009, spiral bound, 5 units.   ISBN 9780021514823   summer44  03/04
McRuffy's Color Science K , Gr. K -- $23 ppd. Nice. includes TM, student wrkbk (unused), and most of resource pack.   bendecidacon4  04/06
MFW My Fatherís World from A to Z, Gr. K -- $80 ppd. Nice. God's Creation from A to Z teacherís & most student pages.   [more] happyhomeschool  04/19
My Father's World St. Wkbk Old Edition, Gr. K -- $14 ppd. Good. Workbook for My Father's World from A to Z.   homeschoolbooks  04/03
My First Dictionary , Gr. K -- $10 ppd. New. early learning book (P).   ISBN 9781412710329   bookbliss  04/02
My First Encyclopedia , Gr. K -- $10 ppd. New. early learning book (P).   ISBN 9781412710336   bookbliss  04/02
NOAH Plan Curriculum Guide , Gr. K -- $30 ppd. Good. some pencil notes in the plan, no wear on the book, spiral.   kurriculumkorner  04/11
Noah Plan Lessons: Kindergarten, Gr. K -- $25 ppd. Good. Foundation for American Christian Education, c2003.   cornerpostwife  03/12
Peace Hill Press First Language Lessons for the Well Tr, Gr. K -- $15 ppd. Nice.   ISBN 9781933339078   fletcher  03/26
Phonics Road to Spelling and Reading 1, Gr. K -- $30.
      Good. level 1 from Latin Road to Reading and Writing.  
      [more] edibagno  03/15
Pocket Charts for Emergent Readers, Gr. K -- $7 ppd. Nice. K-1, Scholastic, 30 interactive cross curricular charts, ESL.   kurriculumkorner  04/11
Problem Solving With Cutouts , Gr. K -- $6 ppd. Nice. Hands-on Ideas & Activities for K-1; by Sara Freeman c1993.   [more] shepardclan  03/07
RightStart Math: Level A (1st ed), Gr. K -- $42 ppd. Nice. Lessons & worksheets. Barely used, no writing anywhere. .   mottoblasco  03/29
Rod and Staff Going on Eagerly, Gr. K -- $10 ppd. New.   better  04/13
Saxon Math K Homeschool Kit, Gr. K -- $46 ppd. Nice. 2 book set - TE and Meeting Book. Clean pages/no writing. .   ISBN 9781565770171   thelearningplace  03/30
Saxon Math K Teacher's edition, Gr. K -- $32 ppd. Nice. Current edition.   faithful  03/05
Saxon Math K Teacher's Manual, Gr. K -- $12 ppd. Good. C1997. Includes student masters (minus 3). Hole-punched. .   ISBN 0939798840   algae80  04/07
Saxon Math K Teachers Edition, Gr. K -- $29 ppd. Nice. Current Edition.   ISBN 1565770102   brittleigh  04/07
Saxon Phonics Program K Teacher Manual, Gr. K -- $35 ppd. Nice. Home Study TM in exc+ cond, spiral. c1998/p1998 + 1 booklet.   ISBN 1565771737   bookbliss  04/02
Scaredy Cat Exploring the Alphabet Kit, Gr. K -- $30 ppd. Good. All pieces included.   homeschoolbooks  04/03
School of Tomorrow School of tomorrow english pace 1-12, Gr. K -- $30 ppd.
      New. I have all 12 kindergarten English paces.  
      [more] latasha  04/12
Scott Foresman Reading Street, Teacher's Edition, Gr. K -- $14 ppd. Nice. Unit 1, c2008, spiral bound, complete lesson outlines.   ISBN 0328243566   summer44  03/04
Scott Foresman Reading Street, Teacher's Edition, Gr. K -- $14 ppd. Nice. Unit 4, c2008, spiral bound, compete lesson outlines.   ISBN 0153219548   summer44  03/04
Scott Foresman Science Teacher's Edition, Gr. K -- $14 ppd. Good. 4 units: Life, Physical, Earth, Human Body, c2000.   ISBN 0067359310   summer44  03/04
Simple Science Experiments , Gr. K -- $1. Nice. Resource Book: Magnets, Rocks, Simple Machines, Matter.   ISBN 1557991006   kerryehb  03/05
Sing, Spell, Read and Write All Aboard, Gr. K -- $6 ppd. Good. Book used to page 20 but rest of book like new. 222 pages total.   ISBN 1567046037   scolegrove  04/14
Sing, Spell, Read, Write Readers 1-17, Gr. K -- $24 ppd. Good. Complete set of readers, no writing.   ashleaerin  04/17
Singapore Earlybird Math Standards Edition, Gr. K -- $35 ppd. Good. Teacher's Guide Book B. Yellow crayon markings on two pages. .   ISBN 9780761427315   lovinglearning  03/21
Singapore Earlybird Math Standards Edition, Gr. K -- $18 ppd. New. Activity Book B.   ISBN 9780761470182   lovinglearning  03/21
Singapore Essential Math Kindergarten B, Gr. K -- $15 ppd. New.   ISBN 9781932906158   colomama  04/08
Singapore Math in Focus Complete Homeschool Set, Gr. K -- $175 ppd. New. Kindergarten both semesters; 2 Teacher, 4 Student, 1 Assessment.   mommy123  03/07
Singapore Primary Mathematics 1A HIG, Gr. K -- $13 ppd. New. US Edition, Instructor Guide, no writing.   sergeantsong  03/23
Singapore Thinking Skills in Math books 1-4, Gr. K -- $22 ppd. Nice. Early Learning Series, no writing.   kurriculumkorner  04/11
Sonlight Core A, Gr. K -- $350 ppd. Nice.   [more] thomcats4  04/05
Sonlight Instructor Guide Exploring Gods World, Gr. K -- $15 ppd. Good. Core P 45 c. 2012 Pencil writing on a few pages.   [more] jackalink  03/14
Sonlight Language arts K, Gr. K -- $15 ppd. Nice. TG schedule and student sheets.   bendecidacon4  04/17
Sonlight Science 1997, Gr. K -- $20 ppd. Good. Some highlighting in the guide; student pages are clean.   josie6504  02/26
Sonlight Science A, Gr. K -- $96 ppd. Nice. 2017 IG is like new w/unused activity sheets, DVD & all books.   [more] shepardclan  03/07
Spell & Write K , Gr. K -- $12 ppd. New. by Evan-Moor.   better  04/13
Teach Them Spanish , Gr. K -- $8 ppd. Nice.   [more] manyblessings  02/25
Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy, Gr. K -- $12 ppd. Worn. In 3 rng binder. Cover worn, pages still in very good shape.   hallyn  03/12
Usborne Learning Palette Reading 1 Kit, Gr. K -- $65 ppd. New. LPRK16. broken handle. Tracking included. Insurance is extra. .   [more] bookbliss  04/02
Usborne Weather, Gr. K -- $5 ppd. Nice. hardback, used in Sonlight science A.   faithr  03/07
Veritas Press Phonics Museum Teacher Guide, Gr. K -- $28 ppd. Nice. teacher guide only, minor shelf wear, may have pencil notes.   kurriculumkorner  04/11
Well Trained Mind: 1st Language Lessns, Gr. K -- $11 ppd. New. Please see my other sale items. .   topnotchbooks  03/31
Well Trained Mind: Writing with Ease, Gr. K -- $25 ppd. New. Strong Fundamentals; Instructor Textbook; Susan Wise Bauer.   ISBN 9781933339252   topnotchbooks  03/31
What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know, Gr. K -- $12 ppd. New. from the Core Knowledge Series; c2013.   ISBN 9780345543738   peich  03/16
What Your Kindergartner needs to know, Gr. K -- $6 ppd. Good. The Core Knowledge Series edited by E. D. Hirsch, Jr.   heaven  04/19
Wooden cubes , Gr. K -- $5 ppd. Nice. Activities for learning wooden cubes.   scolegrove  04/15
Write Shop Primary A , Gr. K -- $15 ppd. New.   [more] maaajj4  03/19

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