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Curriculum Wanted, 41 to 60 days old

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''Five in a Row'' Volume 4, Cookbook. . rpreformer  05/29
1920s: Decade in Photos. Author Jim Corrigan, used Tapestry of Grace Year 4. dsbrack  05/26
A Beka grade 2, grade 3 and grade 5 sets. . jbw2016  05/30
Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory. . mommyjohnston  06/08
All About Reading. Level 3 Reader ''chasing henry''. mfifield  05/23
All About Reading pre-reading activity book. . silverpearl  05/25
All About Spelling. Level 4 and student packet/materials. mfifield  06/06
Alpha List. By Sensori. xapis10  05/30
Alpha Omega Horizons Preschool. . blessmewithpeace  06/02
Alpha Omega LifePac Language Arts 4th grade. . newhomeschooler2016  05/22
Analytical Grammar HS Reinforcement Amer Authors. . penny6  05/29
Apologia Botany. Junior Notebooking Journals (2). kandhmason  06/05
Art of Problem Solving. AoPS Introduction to Geometry - Text & Solutions. terrafirma  05/30
Art of Problem Solving. AoPS Introduction to Number Theory - Text & Solutions. terrafirma  05/30
Art of Problem Solving. AoPS Intermediate Algebra - Text & Solutions. terrafirma  05/30
Artistic Pursuits, K-3. Book 3. aluhmann  06/01
Beast Academy practice books 4B,4C, & 4D. . angelmya  06/07
BJU Algebra 1 test booklet with or without answer key. I have the text book and teacher's books; just need tests.. estmom2kids  06/10
BJU Spelling 5. . sed426  05/24
Brave Writer. jot it dow, a quiver of arrows, the wand, the writers jungle. ewipperman  05/23
Brave Writer ''Jot it Down''. By Julie Bogart. kyler  06/06
Classical Conversations. History Cards, Artist Cards, Cycle 2 CD. meghannglover  05/27
Classical Conversations. Challenge II All Books Needed. rehmah  05/31
Classical Conversations. Cycle 3 audio CDs. mfifield  05/23
Classical Conversations Challenge 2 books. Traditional Logic, Gorgias, Biology, et al. nickie  05/22
Classical Conversations Challenge II package. . denisesmi  06/08
Classical Conversations Cycle 3 Audio CDs. no scratches. livingcontrast  06/03
CLE Algebra 1 grade 9. . momforhim  05/22
CLE New lightunits; reading, math, language art. Light units for grades 1-10, ONLY reading, math, Lang Arts. momforhim  05/22
CLE Social Studies grade 9 Civics Geography. . momforhim  05/22
CLE: Neighbors In Latin America. Textbook only. aksjo  05/29
Coots in the North. by Arthur Ransome. leiacellaa23  05/26
Cover Story Student Kit. Student Book & The Remarkable Journey of Professor Gunther. terrafirma  05/30
Dinosaurs Unleashed. ISBN-10: 0932859615 by Apologetics Press. pinecreekmom  05/31
Dr. Dolittle and the Secret Lake. by Hugh Lofting. leiacellaa23  05/26
Frontier Living. by Tunis. xapis10  06/10
Greenleaf Math U See Alpha. student work book, test book, and instruction manual. ewipperman  05/23
Heart of Dakota M2MM. Economy,science history books. hsmama8kids  06/01
Heart of Dakota Rev 2 Rev. Economy,science history books. hsmama8kids  06/01
Hymns for a Kids Heart Vol 1. Must include book and CD. colomama  05/27
IEW Fixit Grammer Book3 Frog Prince. need student and teachers books. ciggy  05/31
IEW Following Narnia Vol. 1, 3rd ed. Student book only. woodside_school  06/08
IEW Following Narnia Vol.1. need student and teachers books. ciggy  05/31
Introductory Logic, 5th ed. James B. Nance. Looking to purchase DVD set in like new condition.. livebyfaith  05/30
KJV Heritage Reformation Bible leather. . hsmama8kids  06/01
Latin Alive 1. student book. texshands  06/06
Life of Fred. K-8 complete. rpreformer  05/29
Life of Fred: Geometry. by Dr. Stanley Schmidt. leiacellaa23  05/26
Life of Fred: Trigonometry. by Dr. Stanley Schmidt. leiacellaa23  05/26
Logic of English- Foundations C&D. . gracekissed  05/27
Lost tools of writing. 5th edition set. lisamsrd  06/09
Lost Tools of Writing 2. student book. texshands  06/06
magnatab . . colomama  05/27
Math-U-See Algebra 2 Student Manual and Test Book. Current edition only. penny6  05/29
Math-U-See Algebra II. . lpowers5  05/23
Math-U-See alpha beta gamma delta epsilon zeta pre,al...calcu. In search of a lot of alpha-calculus for a great deal :). coursenacademy  06/07
Math-U-See Epsilon Teacher's Manual and DVD. . kellyjo22  05/23
MFW Creation to the Greeks. Student Sheets. rrfan01  06/06
Mosdos Press - Gold. Looking for teacher's edition (two book set) & workbook. terrafirma  05/30
Mosdos Press - Jade. Looking for teacher's edition (two book set). terrafirma  05/30
Moving Beyond The Page, ages 5-7. Looking for student workbooks for ages 5-7.. missmelissys  05/31
My Father's World Personal Finance Lesson Plans. . momforhim  05/22
My Father's World Student Sheets (MFW). Let me know what you have and how much.. momforhim  05/22
Night of the Moonjellies book. Seeking Night of the Moonjellies book for volume 1 FIAR.. swin82  05/27
Notgrass America the Beautiful. . sed426  05/24
Notgrass America the Beautiful. Consumables only. kandhmason  06/04
Notgrass Exploring America Vol I. copyright date 2014 No writing. dianeh  06/04
Notgrass Exploring World History 2014 edition. . rabonetteacademy  05/23
Notgrass Exploring World History Book Part 2. . nickie  05/22
Perspectives of Life in Literature, Gr. 10. Text for CLE Literature I, 2012, ISBN 9780878138654. momforhim  05/22
Phronsie Pepper. by Margaret Sidney. leiacellaa23  05/26
Right Start Math- Second edition, Level B. . gracekissed  05/27
Rightstart Level G. . memyselfandmarie  05/27
Rod and Staff Spelling by Sound and Structure Grade 2. Student Workbook. rrfan01  06/06
Savior of the World - Charlotte Mason. . schoolingmy3boys  06/03
Saxon Calculus Teaching Tape. Full DVD set. Teaching Tape Technology. Paige Singleton.. texshands  06/06
Saxon Grammar and Writing GR6 2nd Edition. student book and teacher packet. dawn_gierman  05/31
Saxon Math k. . iamsolovely  05/27
Science in the Scientific Revolution. by Dr Jay Wile. bconnrtr  05/31
Sonlight Psychology. . bethellen  05/30
Sonlight Sonlight Core H. Looking for Sonlight Core H, preferably the complete set. meghannglover  05/27
speed reading. My high school student needs to learn to skim/read faster. janeen  06/04
Tapestry of Grace year 4 books dialectic and rhetoric. . walkermamaof4  06/02
Teaching With Dear America Books (Grades 4-8). . mommyjohnston  06/08
Teaching Textbooks Teaching Textbooks Pre Algebra. With auto grading. meghannglover  05/27
The Iliad, audio book, Penguin Classics. Robert Fagles translation. mrostill  05/24
Unknown to History. by Charlotte M. Yonge. leiacellaa23  05/26
Veritas Press Legends and Leagues. South, East, North, West Storybooks and Workbooks. dmm  05/26
Words Aptly Spoken Children's Literature 2nd ed. . pinecreekmom  05/31
WP Adventures of Sea and Sky. Looking for Teacher's Guide for this set. bell  05/27

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