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Curriculum for Sale, Picture book

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20th Century Children's Book Treasury, Pre-K -- $14 ppd. Nice. 44 picture books in one collection. .   jporter5  09/01
A Caribou Alphabet, hdbk -- $2. Nice. Depicting the characteristics & ways of caribou, $1.50 w/other.   barbara_in_nh  10/03
A Chair for My Mother -- $2. Good. Caldecott Honor Book by Vera B. Williams.   natalieinindiana  10/11
A Child's Garden of Verses (hardcover) -- $2. Good. Robert Louis Stevenson. Artwork by Thomas Kinkade.   natalieinindiana  10/14
A River Ran Wild -- $2. Good. Lynne Cherry. 2 copies available. .   natalieinindiana  10/11
A Visit to William Blake's Inn: Poems -- $3. Good. for Innocent & Experienced Travelers Nancy Willard Caldecott Ne.   natalieinindiana  09/28
Aliki - My Five Senses -- $2. Good. Let's Read and Find Out Science Book.   natalieinindiana  10/18
Amelia Bedelia, Play Ball -- $2. Good. by Peggy Parish.   natalieinindiana  10/14
Avonlea Album, The (Anne of Green Gabl -- $2. Good. Gables. Lucy Maude Montgomery - based on the series).   natalieinindiana  10/11
Best Little Word Book Ever , Grs. K-5 -- $4 ppd. Good. Richard Scary, A Golden Book, 1992.   ISBN 0307001369   [more] onbutnotof  09/24
Big Rivers, The -- $2. Good. The Missouri, Mississippi, and Ohio by Bruce Hiscock.   natalieinindiana  10/18
Blizzard! The Storm That Changed Ameri -- $2. Good. America by Jim Murphy, the author of The Great Fire.   natalieinindiana  10/18
Candy Bomber: The Story of the Berlin -- $5. Nice. Airlift's Chocolate Pilot. Michael O. Tunnell.   natalieinindiana  10/18
Canterbury Tales, A Selection from the -- $3. Good. Retold by Selina Hastings, Geoffrey Chaucer. Hardcover. 77pgs. .   natalieinindiana  10/11
Collins Bedtime Treasury of Nursery -- $3. Nice. Rhymes & Tales. This stunning collection of children's nursery.   [more] barbara_in_nh  09/27
Corduroy -- $2. Good. by Don Freeman. 2 copies available. .   natalieinindiana  10/11
Cornerstones of Freedom - Set of 15 -- $22 ppd. Good. hardback matte finished normal use min wear.   loveteach4kids  10/19
Croco'nile, by Roy Gerrard , Grs. K-5 -- $3. Good. hardcover; no dust jacket but has a pictorial cover.   angiesbookcases  09/10
Curious George, A Treasury of -- $2. Good. 8 full C. G. books in one hardcover volume! H. A. & Margaret Rey.   natalieinindiana  10/11
Diary of a Worm, hdbk w/dj -- $5. Nice. This hysterical book tells the daily doings of a small worm in.   [more] barbara_in_nh  10/03
Dogteam by Gary Paulsen -- $2. Good. Hardcover by author of Hatchet.   natalieinindiana  10/11
Dorling Kindersley A First Book of Fairy Tales -- $5. Good. hardcover.   angiesbookcases  09/10
Dr Seuss - Green Eggs & Ham Cookbook -- $2. Good. Compliment to Sonlight 1 (Core A, B). Recipes inspired by book.   natalieinindiana  10/14
Dr Seuss - How the Grinch Stole Chris -- $2. Good. Christmas! Collector's Edition. Hardcover. .   natalieinindiana  10/11
Dr. Seuss - Cat in the Hat, The -- $2. Good. 50th Birthday Party edition. Hardcover.   natalieinindiana  10/11
Dr. Seuss's ABC -- $2. Good. Used in Sonlight level 1. 2 copies available.   natalieinindiana  10/14
Elf on the Shelf A Christmas Tradition -- $5. Nice. Hardcover w dust jacket. Totally giftable condition!.   natalieinindiana  10/11
Elf on the Shelf A Christmas Tradition -- $2. Good. Hardcover by Carol V. Aebersold.   natalieinindiana  10/16
Fables by Arnold Lobel (Caldecott) -- $2. Good. Author of Frog & Toad, Mouse Soup, etc. Can't go wrong here!.   natalieinindiana  10/14
Find the Constellations, by H. A. Rey, Grs. K-5 -- $8 ppd. Good. Softcover from the author of Curious George; ex-library book. .   kimberly66  10/02
Five-In-A-Row Arabella, by Wendy Orr, Grs. K-5 -- $30. Good. hardcover; out of print.   angiesbookcases  09/10
Five-In-A-Row Cranberry Halloween, by Devlin, Grs. K-5 -- $9. Good. hardcover.   angiesbookcases  09/10
Five-In-A-Row Cranberry Thanksgiving, by Devlin, Grs. K-5 -- $9. Nice. hardcover, with dust jacket.   angiesbookcases  09/10
Five-In-A-Row Cranberry Valentine, by Devlin, Grs. K-5 -- $9. Nice. hardcover, with dust jacket.   angiesbookcases  09/10
Five-In-A-Row Hanna's Cold Winter, Grs. K-8 -- $10. Nice. hardcover.   angiesbookcases  09/10
Five-In-A-Row Harold and the Purple Crayon, Grs. K-5 -- $3. Nice. paperback.   angiesbookcases  09/10
Five-In-A-Row How to Make an Apple Pie and ....., Grs. K-8 -- $10 ppd. New. FIAR Volume 1 resource.   ISBN 0679880836   scolegrove  09/30
Five-In-A-Row Madeline, Grs. K-5 -- $5. Nice. paperback book with audio CD.   angiesbookcases  09/10
Five-In-A-Row Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel, Grs. K-8 -- $10 ppd. New. Brand new! FIAR Vol. 1 resource.   ISBN 0395259398   scolegrove  09/30
Five-In-A-Row Prayer for a Child, Grs. K-5 -- $15 ppd. New. Hardcover, Diamond ann. edition. Before FIAR resource.   ISBN 0689873565   scolegrove  09/30
Five-In-A-Row The Carrot Seed, Pre-K -- $2. Good. paperback.   angiesbookcases  09/10
Five-In-A-Row The Glorious Flight, Grs. K-8 -- $6 ppd. New. FIAR Volume 1 resource.   ISBN 0140507299   scolegrove  10/01
Five-In-A-Row The Hickory Chair, by Fraustino, Grs. K-5 -- $7. Good. paperback.   angiesbookcases  09/10
Five-In-A-Row The Little House, by Burton, Grs. K-5 -- $4. Nice. paperback; supplement or go-along.   angiesbookcases  09/10
Five-In-A-Row Yellow Ball, by Molly Bang, Grs. K-5 -- $10. Nice. hardcover.   angiesbookcases  09/10
Going to Sleep on the Farm -- $2. Good. Hardcover by Wendy Cheyette Lewison.   natalieinindiana  10/18
Goodnight Moon -- $2. Good. Margaret Wise Brown.   natalieinindiana  10/11
Guess How Much I Love You -- $3. Nice. hdbk. Excellent for bedtime reading with a wonderful message.   [more] barbara_in_nh  10/03
Harold at the North Pole - A Christmas -- $2. Good. Journey with the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson and.   natalieinindiana  10/18
Hurricane! -- $3. Nice. There's no time to waste in this thrilling depiction of nature'.   [more] barbara_in_nh  10/03
I Spy: Treasure Hunt , Grs. K-12 -- $8 ppd. Nice. A book of picture riddles; clean tight pages.   louscrew  09/21
J is for Jump Shot, A Basketball -- $3. Nice. Alphabet, hdbk w/dj. orig. $16.95, $2.00 w/other purchase..   barbara_in_nh  10/03
John Henry by Julius Lester -- $3. Nice. Caldecot Honor book. Beautifully illustrated hdbk w/dj about.   [more] barbara_in_nh  10/03
Joining the Boston Tea Party -- $2. Good. Diane Staley.   natalieinindiana  10/14
Joseph - Brian Wildsmith -- $4. Good. Hardcover with dust jacket. Beautiful! 300+ books, most $2 -->.   natalieinindiana  10/11
Journey Around Boston from A to Z -- $3. Nice. Beautifully illustrated hdbk w/dj takes you on an alphabetical.   [more] barbara_in_nh  10/03
Legend of the Indian Paintbrush, The -- $2. Good. Tomie dePaola.   natalieinindiana  10/11
Let the Whole Earth Sing Praise -- $3. Nice. Tomie de Paola. Beautiful hardcover. .   natalieinindiana  10/11
Little Engine That Could -- $2. Good. Watty Piper.   natalieinindiana  10/11
Little House, My First - A Little Prai -- $2. Good. Prairie House hardcover. on the Laura Ingalls Wilder series.   natalieinindiana  10/18
Lot of 8 Dinosaur Pre-k Paperback book, Pre-K -- $16 ppd. Good. 8 Books: Scholastic, Usborne Dinosaurs, Berenstain. . email me.   ISBN 9780439460675   clairec  09/03
Lot of 9 Biographic picture readers -- $19 ppd. New.   [more] kshomeschool  10/16
Madeline -- $2. Good. by Ludwig Bemelmans. 2 hardcover copies also available. .   natalieinindiana  10/11
Madeline and the Bad Hat -- $2. Good. by Ludwig Bemelmans.   natalieinindiana  10/18
Madeline in London -- $2. Good. by Ludwig Bemelmans.   natalieinindiana  10/16
Mammolina:A Story abt Maria Montessori -- $12 ppd. Nice.   ISBN 0876146027   [more] athomemama  09/15
Manners by Aliki -- $2. Good. Hardcover with dust jacket.   natalieinindiana  10/14
Mary Geddy's Day: A Colonial Girl in -- $2. Good. Williamsburg by Kate Waters.   natalieinindiana  10/11
Mercedes and the Chocolate Pilot -- $3. Good. A true story of Berlin airlift. Margot Theis Raven. hc with dj2.   natalieinindiana  10/11
Mind Your Manners, Dick & Jane -- $2. Good. Guide to everyday manners in the modern world. Precious. .   natalieinindiana  10/18
Mirette & Bellini Cross Niagara Falls -- $3. Good. Emily Arnold McCully, author of Mirette on the High Wire. Hardc.   natalieinindiana  10/11
Mirette on the High Wire -- $2. Good. Hardcover by Emily Arnold McCully.   natalieinindiana  10/11
Mother Goose, The Real -- $2. Good. Hardcover. Blanche Fisher Wright. .   natalieinindiana  10/11
Mother Goose, Tomie dePaola's -- $2. Good. review: ''From start to finish, a treasure house of delight. ''.   natalieinindiana  10/14
My Friend Rabbit -- $2. Good. Hardcover by Eric Rohmann. .   natalieinindiana  10/14
My Grandma lived in Gooligulch -- $3. Nice. Written & illustrated by Graeme Base. Fantastic journey 'Down.   [more] barbara_in_nh  10/05
Nicola Bayley's Book of Nursery Rhymes -- $3. Nice. Beautifully illustrated hdbk w/dj that captures a collection of.   [more] barbara_in_nh  10/03
Officer Buckle and Gloria - hardcover -- $2. Good. by Peggy Rathmann. Safety Tip #102 - Buy this book! :) 2 avail.   natalieinindiana  10/18
One Fine Day by Nonny Hogrogian, Grs. K-5 -- $3. Nice. 32 p pb No writing. 1971 Caldecott Medal winner (Fox story).   luke15:10  10/13
Owl Moon -- $2. Good. Caldecott Medal by Jane Yolen.   natalieinindiana  10/11
Paper Crane, The -- $2. Good. Molly Bang. Great companion for Sadako & thousand cranes.   natalieinindiana  09/28
Peter Rabbit, The True Story of -- $2. Good. How a Letter from Beatrix Potter Became a Children's Classic.   natalieinindiana  10/11
Peter's Chair -- $2. Good. Ezra Jack Keats (author of The Snowy Day, Whistle for Willie).   natalieinindiana  10/11
Picture My World- Nature&1st Words, Pre-K -- $6 ppd. Nice. set of 2 great pictures, look for the mouse.   kurriculumkorner  10/20
Please Say Please! Penguin's Guide to -- $2. Good. Manners by Margery Cuyler. Learning good manners can be fun!.   natalieinindiana  10/11
Poems & Prayers for the Very Young -- $2. Good. by Martha Alexander. c1973.   natalieinindiana  10/14
Poetry for Young People - Carl Sandbur -- $2. Good. Sandburg. Library hardcover w dust jacket. .   natalieinindiana  10/18
Poetry for Young People - Edgar Allan -- $3. Good. Poe. Hardcover with dust jacket.   natalieinindiana  10/11
Poetry for Young People: Emily Dickins -- $2. Good. Dickinson. Library hardcover w dust jacket.   natalieinindiana  10/18
Radio Boy -- $3. Nice. Brought to life by Alec Gillman's superb period paintings, this.   [more] barbara_in_nh  10/03
Saint George & the Dragon Margaret -- $2. Good. Hodges. Hardcover w dust jacket. dj worn, but pages nice. .   natalieinindiana  10/14
Set of 3 HB Picture MasterBooks - What -- $15 ppd. Good. Really Happened to the Dino, Daddy is there God, Dino Terrible.   loveteach4kids  10/05
Snowy Day, The - Ezra Jack Keats -- $2. Good. Caldecott Medal. .   natalieinindiana  10/14
Song of the Swallows -- $2. Good. Leo Politi. Caldecott Medal. .   natalieinindiana  10/11
Spotty (H. A. and Margaret Rey) -- $2. Good. The creators of Curious George. Includes CD.   natalieinindiana  10/11
Stellaluna -- $2. Good. Janell Cannon. Also have hardcover copy for $3..   natalieinindiana  10/14
Strega Nona by Tomie de Paola -- $2. Good. Caldecott Honor Book.   natalieinindiana  10/18
Sylvester and the Magic Pebble -- $2. Good. Hardcover w dust jacket. William Steig. Caldecott Medal. .   natalieinindiana  10/04
Tapestry of Grace Birdie's Lighthouse, Grs. K-5 -- $3. Nice. paperback; Y3 LG.   angiesbookcases  09/10
Tapestry of Grace Little Rose of Sharon, Grs. K-8 -- $4. Good. hardcover; previously used Year 1, Lower Grammar.   angiesbookcases  09/10
Tapestry of Grace Pink and Say, by Polacco, Grs. K-5 -- $4. Good. paperback; Year 3, Lower Grammar.   angiesbookcases  09/10
Tapestry of Grace Rain Player, by David Wisniewski, Grs. K-8 -- $3. Good. hardcover, ex-library; Year 1, Lower Grammar.   ISBN 0395551129   angiesbookcases  09/10
Tapestry of Grace Sindbad, retold & ill. by L. Zeman, Grs. K-8 -- $5. Good. hardcover, ex-library; previously used Year 2, Lower Grammar.   angiesbookcases  09/10
Tapestry of Grace Sitti's Secrets, by Naomi S. Nye, Grs. K-8 -- $3. Good. paperback; Year 4, Lower Grammar.   ISBN 9780689817069   angiesbookcases  09/10
Tapestry of Grace The Hardest Word, Grs. K-5 -- $4. Good. paperback; Y1 LG.   angiesbookcases  09/10
Tapestry of Grace The Squire and the Scroll, Grs. K-5 -- $5. Good. hardcover; Year 2, Lower Grammar.   ISBN 1593170793   angiesbookcases  09/10
Tapestry of Grace Train to Somewhere, by Bunting, Grs. K-5 -- $4. Good. hardcover; Year 3, Upper Grammar.   angiesbookcases  09/10
Tapestry of Grace When Jessie Came Across the Sea, Grs. K-8 -- $3. Good. paperback; Year 3, Lower Grammar.   angiesbookcases  09/10
Tapestry of Grace Yeh-Shen: Cinderella Story from China, Grs. K-8 -- $4. Good. paperback; Y1 LG.   angiesbookcases  09/10
Tapestry of Grace You Are Special, by Lucado, Grs. K-5 -- $3. Good. paperback; Year 4, Lower Grammar.   angiesbookcases  09/10
Temple Cat, by Andrew Clements , Grs. K-5 -- $4. Good. hardcover, with dust jacket.   angiesbookcases  09/10
Thanksgiving A Time to Remember, Grs. K-12 -- $8 ppd.
      Good. Excellent Family Read Aloud about Thanksgiving, hardcover.  
      [more] mrsp  08/30
The Classic Grimm's Fairy Tales -- $3. Nice. Large hdbk w/dj. Magnificent full-color illustrations highlight.   [more] barbara_in_nh  10/12
The Lives of Wolves -- $2. Nice. Hardcover. Wolves Discovery Library.   ISBN 1559162392   boysmom  10/15
The Princess and the Kiss - Set -- $10 ppd. Nice. HB book by Bishop & Life Lessons Guide no writing except name.   loveteach4kids  10/06
The Squire and the Scroll -- $7 ppd. Nice. by Bishop. Hardback book, no guide, minor wear no writing.   loveteach4kids  10/06
The Story of the Ten Commandments, Pre-K -- $3. Nice. 26 p large board book. 100 word story with illus. No writing.   luke15:10  10/13
The Tale of Peter Rabbit, The Tale of -- $4. Nice. Benjamin Bunny, A Pop-up Book, hdbk, price is 4 set, $3.00 w/ot.   barbara_in_nh  10/03
The Very First Thanksgiving Day hcover -- $7 ppd. Nice. rhymed story of holiday; lovely painted illustrations. dj, cln. .   ISBN 9780689833014   susie_r  08/29
Tibet Through the Red Box, by P. Sis, Grs. K-8 -- $5. Good. hardcover; ex-library.   angiesbookcases  09/10
Trucking--Amazing Pull-along Trucks -- $3. Good. Travel across America from west to east, driving a different.   [more] barbara_in_nh  10/12
Usborne Beginners - Trucks -- $2. Good. Find out how they work in this fascinating book. .   natalieinindiana  10/14
Usborne Big Book of Things to Spot -- $10 ppd. Nice. 1000's of things to find , minor cover wear.   kurriculumkorner  10/09
Usborne Little Book of Children's Poems, The -- $2. Good. Many new & modern poems & some old favorites, too!.   natalieinindiana  10/14
Value Tale Book Set , Grs. K-5 -- $10. Nice. by Spencer Johnson, M. D. .   [more] good_true_beautiful  10/19
Waiting for Wings by Lois Ehlert -- $3. Good. Beautiful resource about butterflies. .   natalieinindiana  10/18
Weslandia - Paul Fleischman -- $2. Good.   natalieinindiana  09/28
When Jessie Came Across the Sea -- $2. Good. Amy Hest (immigration, Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty) 2 avail.   natalieinindiana  10/18
You Are Special - Max Lucado -- $2. Good.   natalieinindiana  10/18
You Can't Take a Balloon into The Metr -- $2. Good. Metropolitan Museum. Weitzman. 18 paintings & sculptures. .   natalieinindiana  10/11

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