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Sound Learning offers high quality, teacher led and parent guided classes for homeschooled students in the Kitsap County area. Taught by experienced teachers who have been involved in the homeschool community for decades, Sound Learning provides biblically based and academically rigorous classes that meet the needs of today’s homeschool community.

Mission: To fulfill our vision, our classes seek to. . .

Provide high quality education
Be teacher led and parent guided
Equip students with academic and life skills
Ensure a rigorous academic environment
Strive to impart biblical worldview in all subject areas
Prepare students for the college setting
Create a safe, friendly and open classroom setting
Impart a life long love of learning
Provide a healthy social setting

Created 8/20/2020
Updated 8/20/2020

Address: 9590 Radcliff Ave NE
Bremerton, Washington  98311
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