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Sound Aloud is a faith based nonprofit that uses the Creative Arts, holistic health, and unique mentoring/outreach programs as tools to make a powerful difference in our generation and communities. We offer classes in our studios, to different organizations, and to the homeschool school community. Our classes are extremely unique as we use multicultural influences, urban street style, and traditional foundations, all with positive messages that nurture the spirit and character of each participant. We offer theater groups, diverse professional dance classes (hip hop, stomp, break, urban lyrical, step, Krupp, traditional dance forms, etc.), choir and band ensembles, workshops (creative arts, worship, skill intensive), music lessons (innstramential and voice), message based performances, urban dance fitness, fitness-wellness, and much more. We also offer intern and apprentice opportunities to students. (Classes/Events/Programs for children- adult)

Address: 2020 Leonard Ave (located in Millworks Arts Studio)
Columbus, Ohio  43219
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Sound Aloud, Inc.
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