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Video Game & Computer Museum - Canton, NC
Located on the 2nd floor of our building is a wonderful walk down technology lane.
We have an extensive collection of vintage computer and video gaming systems,
as well electronics you just do not see anymore!
What was your first computer system? We probably have it! Starting from the
Commodore 64. You can have a hands on experience with most of our machines ~
sit a minute and play your favorite game or program. Step back in time and see
some of the best selling computer systems of all time. You can track technological
evolution through our large collection of vintage computer systems, programs,
games, accessories manuals.
Among our collection we also have some vintage electronics like ~ Beta Tape
player, 1st Sony Portable CD Player, Mobile bag phone, 8 track player, reel to reel
player, Sony Boom Box, AM Radio, Laser Disc Player, and Mini disc player.

Address: 87 Main
Canton, North Carolina  28716
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Kelley Worth
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Created 1/28/2015

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