Pen Pal Face Book group: Snail Mail for Homeschool         Broken link?

I just wanted to share a really cool group that I found on facebook called
''Snail Mail for Homeschoolers'' that is a great place to find pen pals for
your kids. There are all ages of kids from 4 years old up to 16 looking for
kids to exchange letters with. Since it will work better with more kids in
the group, I thought this might help increase the pool of candidates.

If you want to find a pen pal for your child, you join the group and then
reply to an existing post, or write a new post yourself describing your
children and what they are looking for in a pen pal.

Please spread the word! This seems like a much more fun way to get
kids to write than just doing worksheets.

Dawn Williams, administrator
910-796-0000 Wrong number?
Created 1/31/2017
Updated 7/6/2023

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