South Carolina Cotton Museum in Bishopville, SC

This museum is about the cotton. According to the website - I'm looking at: it is about "preserving the legacy & rural life". Also this website says the Cotton Park is adjacent to the museum. In the building adjoining the Cotton Museum is the Lee County Veterans Museum. Hours for cotton museum: M-F 10 AM-4:30PM & Sat. 10AM-4 PM Admission $6, 5 years & younger is free, Seniors - $4, & STUDENTS - $3, Location: 112 W. Cedar Lane in Bishopville, Call 803-484-4497, Our homeschool group has been here on a field trip.

Address: 112 W. Cedar lane
Bishopville, South Carolina  29010
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803-484-4497 Wrong number?
Created 9/12/2013

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