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We are a math and computer-enrichment program and would like to offer homeschoolers a 30% discount for daytime classes in Chapel Hill.

The IMACS program presents an opportunity to give your child a unique advantage over their peers. Our Math Enrichment program teaches critical thinking and creative reasoning in the context of games, stories and puzzles. After only a few years, most of our students are using logic and mathematical reasoning to solve complex problems that stump many college-educated adults. IMACS builds the confidence your child needs to excel by making math fun and relevant.

Our students don't use formulas or memorization. Instead, they begin to think deeply and creatively. This skill translates to all other areas of their academic careers, as well as their lives outside of the classroom. IMACS offers free placement classes, in which spaces are limited. See below for a list of classes. Email or visit to register.

Address: Chapel Hill, North Carolina  27516
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Created 8/17/2013

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