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Northern Gulf Coast Home Educators (NGCHE) is a support group for home educating families in the Deep South. We share information, plan field trips & events, organize service opportunities, and more. Graduating seniors are welcome to participate in our community cap and gown ceremony held in the spring in Southwest Alabama.

Our events and service opportunities are open to any home-educating family and friends living on or visiting the Northern Gulf Coast. Most will take place in Mobile and Baldwin Counties in Southwest Alabama. Occasional day or overnight trips to regional cities such as New Orleans, Biloxi, Pensacola, Birmingham, and Montgomery are all possibilities as well.
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Updated 10/22/2017

Address: Mobile, Alabama  36619
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Activities & events
  11/3/17. Mobile Medical Museum & Medicinal Garden.
  11/8/17. Bully Blocker Seminar.
  12/7/17. The Bone Lab.
  5/17/18. Mobile/Baldwin Homeschool Graduation.

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