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This is a new group and was devised for homeschool as well as public schoolgirls to add fun to our everyday busy school lives. To create those life long friendships found in traditional school ... young girls coming together for fun!!! To achieve common goals, focus on the arts, plan fun activities, crafts, community service and project fun. WE plan such things as pizza parties, movie nights, craft parties, create planners, scrap booking, girls days, hiking, laser tag days, and just plain having fun!!!!! Open to your ideas to make this group the most fun for you all.
check out our website where monthly calendars are posted to show all of what we do during our time together.....

We meet on Wednesday evenings 5:30-7:30

Created 3/19/2017
Updated 3/23/2017

Address: Cincinati, Ohio  45238
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