Midlands Homeschool Co-op
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What makes us Unique? A Secular HS co-op
AFFORDABILITY-Our co-op is the best HS co-op deal in the area! We
strive to keep our budget as low as possible&we are able to do this by
working together as a team…with all the moms teaching something.
COMMUNITY-We have a variety of classes each semester&the students
enjoy the different experiences they are able to have through this. To
continue the bond we have ongoing field trips, park days, MNO.
PARENT PARTICIPATION-Where one may be weak in one area another
mom may be stronger in&this is a great benefit for students.

Created 7/1/2014
Updated 7/19/2014

Address: Leaphart Road
West Columbia, South Carolina  29169
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Wendy Mosteller
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