Greathouse Butterfly Farm

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You will first learn a little butterfly biology and anatomy. Then we proceed to show
you some gardens and teach you about butterfly gardening. Then you get to
experience firsthand butterfly farming. You will get to learn how we raise butterflies,
from collecting eggs to shipping pupae and adults. You will get to see butterflies in
their natural habitat in one of our greenhouses. Here you will get to see eggs,
larvae, chrysalis and adults. You may even have the chance of seeing an adult
butterfly emerge from its chrysalis! We finish the tour by showing you some of the
insects that we rear. The tour will end in our gift shop. Here you will have the chance
to pick up a souvenir or two!

Price: $15
FREE for children under 5

Come hand feed the butterflies during a butterfly encounter!
Price: $10
FREE for children under 5

Address: 20329 State Road 26
East Earleton, Florida  32631
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Butterfly Farm
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Created 6/21/2014

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