The Forest Capital Museum

The museum offers a fundamental understanding of the development,
ecology and productivity of our forest. The whole family will enjoy the
exhibits of lifelike animals native to the area. Early turpentine production
once crucial to naval stores comes to life in a diorama. Antique
turpentine tools are displayed. Diagrams and photographs explain and
depict the life and cycles of a forest. The center of the museum is
dedicated to displaying products that are derived from our forest. The
beauty of Florida's native wood is displayed in a carved map of Florida
with each of the sixty-seven counties carved from a species of wood
native to their area. "Terry-the Talking-Tree" will sum it all up with a
message that tells us about the importance of our forest. Admission:

Address: 204 Forest Park Drive
Perry, Florida  32348
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Created 12/28/2011

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