Key to Algebra Books
Julie King
Grades: 5 to 12
Key to Workbooks offer a positive alternative to large, expensive textbooks which students often find complicated and intimidating. Only one concept is presented per page, so students have time to understand new ideas without being overwhelmed. Hand-written examples and exercises make work seem less formal. Vocabulary and reading levels are simple. Instructions are clear and direct. Each book is a complete text-workbook. Students develop understanding by solving equations & inequalities intuitively before formal solutions are introduced. a Full year's course that stands entirely on its own.


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Score: 5/5
frostymom2   (10/11/2014)
Pros: These books are an excellent way to review or do extra practice for students who need more repetitions to understand concepts. They are not intimidating, and are very clearly written.
Cons: If it is important to the student to have beautiful illustrations, these books are not the way to go.