Home Start in Reading
Ruth Beechick
Grades: 0 to 3
28 pages.


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Score: 5/5
D. Schrader, Nampa, ID   (5/14/2014)
Pros: Our family found this tiny booklet to be all we really needed to teach reading to our kids. It is so helpful in simplifying phonics down to the ''must-knows'' -- for the child who's already showing signs of ''picking up on'' reading, this type of low-key approach is great.

Score: 5/5
L.Maraszek, Goleta, CA   (1/1/2012)
Pros: We had a 4 year old who was anxious to read ''like Mommy'' and so the name of this book caught our eye. Its methods made so much sense to me and I particularly appreciated its explanation of the phases a child goes through in the reading process. You identify the phase your child seems to be in and then begin to implement the suggested activities. By age 4 1/2 our daughter was on her way and reading easy readers! She never seemed to know we were having reading lessons and so it seemed a very natural process. You can't beat the price!