Beany Malone
Lenora Mattingly Weber
Grades: 7 to 12
Original Year of Publication 1948. Beany, sixteen is instructed by her father to “look after” the Malone family when he travels to Arizona to convalesce following a case of pneumonia. With protective loyalty, Beany attempts to shield her family from pain and disappointment by locking up their hearts from potential threats. Beany is forced to evaluate what is important in her life and the lives of her family.


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Score: 4/5
D. McNett, Palmdale, CA   (1/1/2012)
Pros: As soon as I began this book I was concerned. The main character, Beany, is infatuated with a young man. I feared that this would permeate the book and make it useless. But, I was pleasantly surprised with the realism and touching portrait this book developed. Beany needed to decide what was important. She had to reevaluate her standards and priorities. If you don’t mind the infatuation, the book is well worth reading. It has an excellent message that could only be improved by adding a Biblical viewpoint .The family message is excellent and encouraging.