Dangerous Dreams
Jim Ware
Grades: 3 to 6
This book introduces readers to Livy, a servant girl in Pontius Pilate's home who dreams of living free. Her mistress comes to her with disturbing dreams of a Jewish man with kind eyes. Will this be the key to Livy's freedom?


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Score: 4/5
Diane McNett, Palmdale, Ca   (1/1/2012)
Pros: This book from the Focus on the Family KidWitness Tales Series is a good book. The book tells the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection from the perspective of a young slave girl who is a household servant to Pontius Pilate’s wife. Although you know how the story will end, the impact that Jesus has on the characters in the book keeps you reading. This series is designed to entice children into reading the Bible after hearing the Bible story from another perspective. Any books that will encourage children to read the greatest book of all is worth reading.