Cry of Courage
Lee Roddy
Grades: 3 to 8
Gideon Tugwell is determined to escape the hard-scrabble farmer's life of his father and become a writer. But when war breaks out between the North and South and his older brother enlists, Gideon is left with even more farm chores and less time than ever to pursue his dreams.


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Score: 5/5
Diane McNett, Palmdale, Ca   (1/1/2012)
Pros: This is the first book in a six book series that explores issues behind the Civil War. It is an excellent read. After getting to know the major characters in the book the reader has more of an understanding of the two sides involved in the dispute between the North and the South. The book follows three major characters: a poor southern farm boy, a northern girl transplanted to the south, and an educated young slave boy. The way their lives intertwine make for an excellent novel. Not only is it fun to read but it enhances your knowledge of history and deeps your faith. I canít wait to read the second book with my children.