Cursive Connections
Kathryn Libbie
Grades: 2 to 8
This cursive workbook uniquely emphasizes letter connections, rather than the letters in isolation. This workbook briefly introduces the letter, and then pairs it with previously learned letters, beginning with the vowels. Practice becomes increasingly complex, progressing into the usage of the letter in words, phrases, and finally sentences. The result is fluent, quality cursive.
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Score: 5/5
M. McNett, Valyermo, CA   (1/1/2012)
Pros: What a great cursive resource! This book introduces letters and then teaches children how to connect one letter to another. It teaches letter connections and then gradually moves into words and finally sentences. The pages of this workbook are filled with practice for the student. This book is great for the student learning cursive and also a great resource to encourage review for the older student who has messy cursive. I especially like the way the new version of Cursive Connection shows examples of good handwriting along with less than perfect handwriting to help students distinguish between neat and messy. We are happy to use this book for cursive in our homeschool.