Understanding Writing
Susan Bradrick
Grades: 1 to 12
This Bible-based, Christ-centered English language and composition curriculum is for grades 1-12. Adaptable to single or multi-level tutoring. Teaches the mastery of the following basic elements of language & writing: Content, Style, and Mechanics. A fifty page ''PET'' tablet (P-lanning, E-valuation, and T-eaching) and a plastic line-guide template accompany each book. In addition, Understanding Writing also begins after a child has mastered reading and spelling vocabulary of fifty words or more; replaces yearly English texts; is non- disposable; contains daily lessons which are ready-to-use; consists of teaching units alternating with writing units; plus lots more.


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Score: 5/5
L. Rubsam, Appleton, WI   (1/1/2012)
Pros: This is my all-time favorite home school text. We began using this manual about two years ago, when my older daughter was beginning eighth grade. Up until this time, we had been using one of the major language arts programs--one that is rated very highly--but my daughter was struggling to write a coherent paragraph. The change after even one year of using ''Understanding Writing'' was dramatic. I am so pleased! ''Understanding Writing'' is designed as a multi-level composition text for use with all grades, 1-12. The teaching sessions and writing projects take approximately 1/2 hour a day. Mrs. Bradrick stresses having a Christ-like attitude in all our writing, and I appreciated this emphasis.
Cons: The price of $65.00 (plus about $5.00 in shipping) may seem high at first sight, but considering what your children will get out of it in lifetime writing skills, it is a bargain. Besides, keep in mind this is for all grades all the way through high school.

Score: 5/5
N. Beyer, Moorpark, CA   (1/1/2012)
Pros: This is a complete writing course, covering grades 1 through 12. We have liked the incremental approach. We have liked the easy-to-follow lesson plans. But what we have loved is the emphasis on writing for a godly purpose. Soon after the student begins to write paragraphs, he is thinking of godly communication and serving others through his writing. This is one we'll definitely stick with!

Score: 5/5
M. Swanson, Austell, GA   (1/1/2012)
Pros: This is a wonderful book. We have used several different books in our quest for the best rounded program. Understanding writing encourages the student to use descriptive language to minister to others through letter writing. Never have I seen a program designed so completely for real life use. It puts an entirely different light on our Language Arts study time.