Art Adventures at Home
Grades: 0 to 2
At last, homeschoolers have an art curriculum designed specifically for home use, by authors who know what it is to be teaching their children at home. By telling me what to teach, the authors gave me a reason, beyond just having fun, for tackling a series of art projects. For homeschoolers who enjoy art, this is a curriculum that can put structure into your teaching and eliminate the need for comprehensive planning. For those who are not artistically-oriented, it will inspire you and give you both the motivation and ability to teach art.


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Score: 4/5
K. Apple, Catonsville, MD   (1/1/2012)
Pros: This book is a well-organized curriculum guide for elementary art, with each volume designed to cover three years. Each year consists of five units: drawing, print- making, painting, sculpture, and crafts. Within the seven lessons of a unit, different concepts relating to the basic elements of art are presented. By the end of a year, the student has been exposed to all the art concepts listed under the objectives. Each ''user friendly'' lesson is divided into several succinct sections, including the goal of the lesson, the big idea, the main element, as well as a list of materials, strategy, and work session period. A final section entitled, ''Questions for Evaluation and Review'' helps solidify the big idea in the student's mind, thus bringing the project to a close. The fact that this book was written by homeschoolers is evident throughout the book. Most lessons entail virtually no preparation time, aside from reading the lesson and gathering the materials. A measure of flexibility is built into the program, and blank lesson plan sheets are included so the adventurous among us can design and record our own lessons. The book also includes a section on art field trips, as well as an index so that a parent using unit studies can coordinate art lessons with the remainder of their studies.