Face to Face with Women of the Bible
Grades: 4 to 6
In this age of super-powered heroines, your daughter needs realistic, positive role models. Your daughter can learn from these women's triumphs and mistakes. 68 stories include all the well-known women of the Bible. Wonderful illustrations! 238 pages. Ages 6 and up. Reading level: grades 4-6.


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Score: 4/5
D. DeReu, Illinois   (1/1/2012)
Pros: I used this book with all of my children ages 2-11. Each of us including me learned much about women, good and bad, who were used by God for His purposes. Each day we read about a different woman. Then at the end of the week, we would play Bible Who am I. All of us would scramble to be an unusual character we learned about. The stories gave us great clues (stumpers). Many times I wondered if this was fairly accurate, so of course, I would go to the source, God's word and find out that yes, Nancy had written the main and important things accurately. Example, Joanna was a faithful follower of Jesus and in Luke 8:3, she is spoken about as one of the women who took care of Jesus when He walked on earth. But for some reason in all my trips through the New Testament, Joanna's name slipped through. So when I came to this story in Woman of the Bible, I had to check it out and sure enough she was one of the women whom the angel spoke after Jesus rose from the dead. (Luke 24:! 10) And when she ran to tell the others Jesus Himself appeared before her. Nancy gives scripture references for every story and ends each chapter with a scripture that reinforces what has just been presented and also gives a sentence as a ''food for thought.'' So my review is that at least for my family we learned and enjoyed and will retain this information about God's chosen women for a long time to come.