Hero Tales
Dave and Neta Jackson
Grades: 1 to 6
Drawn from the lives of 15 Christian heroes, it is a beautifully illustrated treasury of 45 exciting and educational readings designed to help foster Christian character qualities.


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Score: 5/5
D. McNett, Palmdale, CA   (1/1/2012)
Pros: This book is a “must-have” for every Christian homeschool family. I especially recommend it for families with children in elementary school. This book introduces the reader to true heroes of the Christian Faith. There are 15 heroes introduced including men and women. There is a great range of diversity from household names such as Martin Luther to lesser known, but fascinating missionaries such as Adoniram and Ann Judson. I felt such joy as I became acquainted with these men and women that I had heard of but didn’t know. Some of the heroes were missionaries while others were reformers or preachers. The book is written in such a great format. There is a two-page introduction to each hero which is followed by three stories of the hero’s life. At the end of each story are questions, a Bible verse, and a character trait that the hero displayed in the story. The selections are a great introduction to the heroes of our faith and should be read by all. It has been a great addition to our home school curriculum.