Christian Liberty Press
Studying God's Word -- Book A
Grades: 0 to 0
Major events in the Old and New Testaments. A Bible study series from Christian Liberty Press that can be used for a full year of Bible curriculum. There are stories, background information, memory verses, questions, map work, puzzles, and other activities. Life application is stressed. King James Version.


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Score: 2/5
P. Nystrom, Hershey, PA   (1/1/2012)
Cons: I don't know if they have revised this book in the past year, but the book we have been using this year does not have any map work or any kind of extra ''fun'' activities. It contains the stories and 4 questions at the end of each chapter. If you are having Bible everyday, there is not enough to last a full year. If you are thinking of using it from the description given, you may want to check a copy first to make sure it has been revised to include the extra activities. We have been a little disapointed it this book and have had to add extra activities to make it more interesting for my son.