How I Praise You!
Donna Moss
Grades: 0 to 3
This book has 150 Little Psalms in song. This is the musical resource for camp directors, music teachers, homeschooling parents and others. Adults and children can praise God together and memorize verses as familiar tunes and Biblical texts are interwoven.


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Score: 5/5
D. McNett, Palmdale, CA   (1/1/2012)
Pros: This is an amazing book that puts Godís word to music. The complete text of each Bible verse is printed at the bottom of each song. All melodies are written or adapted by Debbie Moss. Many of the verses are sung to old time favorite folksongs or well-known hymns. This book is so well organized that you can locate songs by type of song or subject. This is a great resource that all music lovers working with children should have and use.