Kindergarten Music Resources

How I Praise You!
Donna Moss
This book has 150 Little Psalms in song. This is the musical resource for camp directors, music teachers, homeschooling parents and others. Adults and children can praise God together and memorize verses as familiar tunes and Biblical texts are interwoven.
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Kids Make Music!: Clapping and Tapping from Bach to Rock
Avery Hart
You don't need to have any special training or own an instrument to make music with kid-loving music makers Avery Hart and Paul Mantell. Kids everywhere will be doing the ''Dinosaur Dance, '' singing the ''Dishwashin' Blues, '' belting out ''Jug Band'' and learning to ''Tap Dance.'' Those hands will be clapping, those feet will be tapping, and those faces will be grinning.
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Phunny Phonics
Phunny Phonics is an audio tape with a color and activity book. The program features simple songs and familiar music that will help your child quickly and easily memorize the sounds of the letters. When one asks a kindergartener what a letter sound is, he/she will respond by singing the songs in his/her head to get the answer.
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