Grade 4 Math Resources

A Beka Book
Arithmetic 4
The colorful daily worksheets provide practice over familiar concepts and reteach the new material that the teacher has just taught. The four basic processes are taught and reviewed, as well as multiplying and dividing by two-digit numbers, estimation, square measures, writing decimals as fractions, and simple geometry. A major emphasis is on working with fractions, both proper and improper, adding subtracting, and multiplying fractions, and finding the least common denominator.
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Christian Light Publications
Christian Light Education Mathematics Sunrise Edition
CLE’s Mathematics program offers solid math instruction that teaches from a Christian perspective at a very reasonable price. Each grade level course includes a one- or two-volume teacher’s guide and ten LightUnit student workbooks. (Third grade has a single volume for teacher's guide.) A few other items are either required or optional, especially in the early grades. CLE has built in continuous review. The program emphasizes mastering math facts and computation skills, often taking students into more challenging territory in some areas than do other math programs. Daily flash card practice and speed drills help students master the math facts. In first and second grade, students work on the addition and subtraction facts. Second graders also begin to learn the multiplication facts. Mental math exercises are included beginning at the end of second grade and continuing throughout all levels through eighth grade. CLE sells customized Addition and Subtraction Flash Cards that are coded and come with dividers for setting up a systematic approach for drill and review that both circulates the cards and arranges them for daily drills. While CLE sells multiplication and division flash cards, these are fairly standard, so you can use another set if you already have them. The speed drills are found at the back of each LightUnit book for grades one through five and then in the first LightUnit of grade six. The first LightUnit of each course after first grade thoroughly reviews previously taught concepts and facts with pre-tests and practice sets. The purpose is both for review after a ''summer break'' and as a diagnostic test for those who might just be starting the CLE program. If students do well on each of the pre-tests, they can skip the practice sets and move on.
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Borenson & Associates
Hands-on Equations Learning System
Mary Pride says: ''Here's something really new-a hands-on approach to algebraic linear equations! You know what those are: fun stuff like 2x -2(-x+4)=x +(-2). With Hands-On Equations, learning pre-algebra and solving simple linear equations can be as fun and easy as playing a game.'' This patented teaching method empowers the teacher to successfully present essential algebraic concepts to students in grades 3 to adult. It does not require any algebraic prerequisites. Its system provides students with an intuitive understanding of the most fundamental algebraic concepts and makes algebraic linear equations accessible to 3rd grade gifted students, 4th grade average students, and 5th grade LD students. Hands-On Equations consists of: manuals for Levels I, II, & III; a student kit of game pieces with flat laminated balance; a set of worksheets; and an answer key.
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Bob Jones University Press
Math 4
Develops understanding of multiplication, division, decimals, and fraction concepts by using manipulatives. Includes an optional pre-algebra chapter, which introduces the addition and subtraction of integers. Continues to develop skills in estimating and problem solving. Teacher's Edition contains 165 lessons divided into 20 chapters. Includes teaching examples, skill practice activities, and a spiraling review to ensure retention of concepts. Provides additional information about teaching fact memorization as well as games and bulletin board ideas. Teacher's Edition: 920 pages; two spiral binders. Student Worktext features activities with Captain Bailey and Clipper, his sea gull, as they go ocean treasure hunting. Student Worktext: 344 pages; softbound; full color; perforated.
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Math 54
Excellent K-12 textbook and workbook math program. Students will generally work independently. Uses an effective incremental learning model.
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Math By Kids
Written by Pennsylvania Homeschoolers. This unusual book of word problems was written by homeschool students of all ages. Arranged by categories - Math Problems About Food, Working and Earning, Mystery Numbers, Etc. Problems are listed from easiest to hardiest.
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Math Drillsters
Bob Bernstein
A reproducible activity book containing 220 pages of math drill activities primarily covering addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, but also touching on measurement, time, money, temperature, fractions and mathematical thinking.
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Math for Every Kid
Janice VanCleave
A supplemental math book for children ages 8-12 designed to make the learning of math skills a fun experience and to encourage a desire for further investigation into specific math topics.
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Mathematicians are People, Too
Luetta & Wilbert Reimer
This 2 volume set contains 15 illustrated vignettes per book introducing students to great mathematicians from various cultures. Stories focus on moments of mathematical discovery and on personal anecdotes.
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Rod and Staff Publishers, Inc.
Mathematics for Christian Living Series
Rod & Staff
Rod and Staff is a Mennonite-based textbook publisher. Their math program ''is black-and-white, straightforward, no- nonsense, traditional mathematics with an emphasis on drill and memorization as well as practical application through word problems. Previously taught concepts are continuously reviewed.'' —Cathy Duffy
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