Grade 3 Music Resources

Beethoven Lives Upstairs
Barbara Nichol
Illustrator Scott Cameron. In September 1822, 10-year-old Christoph writes a letter to his uncle: ''A madman has moved into our house.'' The ''madman'' is none other than Ludwig van Beethoven. In a unique approach that combines biography, fiction, and music, this book weaves true incidents in the composer's life into a fictional correspondence between a young boy and his uncle. Based on the award-winning recording. Full color.
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How I Praise You!
Donna Moss
This book has 150 Little Psalms in song. This is the musical resource for camp directors, music teachers, homeschooling parents and others. Adults and children can praise God together and memorize verses as familiar tunes and Biblical texts are interwoven.
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A Beka Book
Music Theory I
Elementary students love to play the flutophone! Worksheets for the weekly lessons reinforce the concept. Music for the student to play and interesting activities are also included on the worksheet. Four Musical Check-ups are provided to test knowledge.
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Bob Jones University Press
Music, Grade 3
Provides basic instruction in how to play the recorder and read melody and rhythm in the treble clef. Continues to expand knowledge of musical terms and expression. Guides in composing in standard forms such as rondo. Teacher's Edition presents all concepts and skills basic to the curriculum, which can be taught even by those without musical skills. Includes the featured program. The Heroes of Faith, based on the characters in Hebrews 11. Teacher's Edition: 302 pages; reduced student pages; spiral binder. Student Text features Pedro Piper and the Poco Peppers as well as colorful illustrations and photographs to demonstrate musical concepts. Student Text: 138 pages; hardbound. Student Worktext contains a variety of activities in reading music, listening, playing, and composing. Student Worktext: 70 pages; softbound; color and black-and-white illustrations.
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Ready to Use Music Reading Activities Kit
Loretta Mitchell
This program is recommended for grades 1-8.
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The Home School Music Course: Easy, Self Instruction on How to Play any Song!
Mark Kapner
For keyboard and piano. This book and cassette program is real music instruction. It is designed for independent study, complete with illustrations, work sheets with answers and a cassette tape to hear all the examples. This course can be adjusted to the development of the student and can be used for the whole family. The author recommends this program for ages 7/8 to adult level. Includes many familiar songs and by playing the exercises you will enhance motor skill development, improve concentration as your child develops eye & hand coordination.
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